When Can We Expect … From Zed.Run? (Fatigue, 5-Min Queues, Odds Replacement, Weather, etc.)

On August 3rd, 2021, Zed.Run completely changed the game.

Below are the changes they announced (among other outstanding issues/questions) and a “time window” that may or may not be known based on the team’s information. If it seems like we don’t have much info…. welcome to Zed 🙂 Things are kind of like that around here. Okay, let’s go:

More Variety in Races

The team has been looking to add more $2.50 entry fee races – that’s confirmed in their Announcement.

However, what’s sort of unsaid is that they should be adding more 1000m and 2600m races as well.

Really, the whole Racing Lobby needs a bit of an overhaul in our opinion.

Timeline: TBA

Race Queues Removed – Your Race Runs in 5 Minutes

This is one of the most anticipated changes. It is going to be AWESOME to be able to sit down with your friends, find a race you want to sign-up for, and be watching maybe 10-15 minutes later total. From the moment that your race’s 12 gates fill – there will be a 5-minute countdown and you will be able to watch your race!

It is expected this change will happen at the same time as fatigue, for obvious reasons.

This update is NOW LIVE on Zed.Run! It has changed to 10 minutes though.

Fatigue Will Affect Your Horse

This is a very common question on Zed.Run: Does my horse get fatigued?

For now… not yet. But fatigue is coming in conjunction with the above “5 Minute Race Launch” update.

Some quick facts on Zed.Run Fatigue:

  • Some horses will have better “fitness levels” meaning my horse might drop to 95% energy after 1 race and yours might drop to 90%. This will depend on the horse
  • A fatigue bar WILL display the energy/fatigue that your horse currently displays
  • Slightly unknown – It is thought that horses will have at most a 24-hour recovery period due to wording from the Zed Team
  • All horses’ abilities are equally affected at the same fatigue level. My horse at 95% will see (presumably) a 5% reduction in maximum speed potential. This is the same for your horse if it is also at 95%. Again, it’s unknown what scale will correlate with what levels of energy or fatigue.

This update is NOW LIVE on Zed.Run! Article Coming Soon!

Odds Removal

Yes… it’s true. It’s damn true. The Zed.Run team is REMOVING “Odds”!!!

Before you panic, please know that at least the Zed Team is willing to give you flame emojis (first) and a “Rating based on historical horse data”. (later)

Flames are LIVE NOW on Zed.Run! Odds are no longer generating for new races. Historical Odds Data can be viewed on Hawku or KYH.

Article about Flames: Zed.Run Flames Explained (Strategy For the Post-Odds World)

Timeline for “Historical Racing Rating”: TBA

New Racing Events: “Glue Divisions”

The Zed.Run team is adding what they call new “racing events” to the table… the two examples they used have been:

  • Horses with 0 wins
  • Horses with <5% Win Rate

It is assumed that horses who want to enter these divisions’ races will have to have under a certain number of lifetime races as well, but that is not necessarily confirmed.

Timeline: TBA

New Class System: Elo Rating Launch

So far, we have only seen Zed.Run use the “5 Class” system to determine where your horse is able to race. In the future, they will be moving to an “Elo Rating” system.

We don’t know if this will be 11 “1 vs. 1” rating comparisons or if only the winner will be rewarded, but either way it will certainly shake up how these horses are classified.

Timeline: TBA

Correct Breeding Minimums

The Breeding Minimums have been broken since Breeding re-opened on June 29th. They were fixed in August 2021.

Zed.Run has implemented the Correct Breeding Minimums!

Weather, Gate Preference

These factors are assumed to be coming after fatigue is implemented into Zed.Run. Right now, every race is run in a “Sunny” condition and Gate Preference is not currently turned on, although it is said to exist in the DNA of horses.

Timeline: TBA

The Next Genesis Drop

There are currently (roughly) 27,345 Genesis Horses created which means there are 10,655 Genesis Horses yet to be created.

The team has not stated any plans for a future Genesis Horse Drop, but we know they will have to be distributed in some way.

The Zed Guru Guess is that the team will do a “random selection” of people who say that they would be willing to buy and select wallet addresses similar to how the MDD was held. The Zed Guru Guess states that Zed.Run would give potential “winners” a certain amount of time to pay and then distribute the horse after that.

This is all pure conjecture and nothing has been announced from the team at this time.

Timeline: TBA


Does DEZ even exist anymore?

DEZ was supposedly going to be Zed’s specific token that would be airdropped to Genesis Horse owners as a special reward.

The “#dez” channel was deleted from the Zed Discord and it’s unknown if this is even happening any more.

Timeline: TBA (If it’s happening?)

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