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Will There Be Another Zed.Run Drop?

Zed.Run has established that they are selling their finite supply of 38,000 Genesis horses via “drops”.

However, as time has gone on … these massive “Drop Events” have not gone well. Servers have crashed, Links were sent incorrectly, among other problems.

These drops were the best way to get a Genesis Horse at a cheap price; but only 10,000 (ish) Genesis Horses remain.

Unfortunately, almost everyone who is active in Zed.Run would want one of those 10,000 (ish) at Drop pricing – which means you’ll be competing against thousands of other players to get yourself a Zed.Run Horse in any format of drop.

This level of low supply & high demand means many people will go home empty-handed.

There is NOT a drop currently scheduled.

With recent comments from the Zed Team; it is highly unlikely the team will ever do a “Marketplace Drop”. A more likely scenario would be one of two things:

  1. A “Random Selection” similar to their ‘MDD Giveaway’ but this time people would have to pay
  2. Some sort of Queue system where you may or may may not even see the Color / Name of your horse simply picking by Z# and maybe Gender

This post will be updated when we get details from Zed.Run.

Here is our previous writing about how to think about a Zed.Run drop:

The Basic Details

When: Unknown

Where: Zed.Run

How Much: While Zed.Run has the ability to charge whatever they want; here is the Drop pricing from the last drop:

During the last drop, prices ranged from $123 USD to $36,000 USD.

Z1 $36,900
Z2 $19,538
Z3 $13,602
Z4 $6,432
Z5 $3,809
Z6 $1,509
Z7 $623
Z8 $330
Z9 $205
Z10 $123

As we’ll discuss a bit later – all purchases for this drop were made in “WETH” as opposed to ETH to save customers on gas fees

Why: The biggest “Why” surrounding this whole craze is that these Genesis Horses are extremely under-priced even as they continue to increase on drop.

Using Z10’s as an example… they cost $123 USD. The cheapest Genesis Horse is selling for roughly .25 ETH or around $750 USD on the marketplace right now.

Zed.Run is basically selling assets for as much as 4-5x cheaper than their “market value” which is attracting newbies who want to simply get into the game as well as Flippers and more experienced players trying to add to their stable.

This is the biggest “Why” factor – the simple chance to buy something for a lot less than it’s accepted value. Oh, and Zed.Run the game is probably the coolest thing you’ve seen in years.

What Z# Should I Target In The Drop?

For most people – this is a budgeting issue.

Personally, I don’t have $40,000 USD to spend on digital horses… so I was never going to be aiming for a Z1 Nakamoto.

Assuming you’re a fairly casual player and you want to spend $1000 USD or less – you (probably) need to pick between a Z7 Finney or a Z8, Z9, or Z10 Buterin.

There’s no right answer here because there are so many mysteries about the Zed Run game – but during the last drop it seemed like there were a lot of players aiming for Z10 simply because it was the cheapest option.

One additional note here – I’ve seen a lot of players saying things like: “Should I try to get One Z7 or Two Z9’s?

These horses sell very quickly… the Buterins could sell in a matter of seconds. Zed has implemented a 10 minute cooldown – so for the lowest-priced horses you should really only expect to buy 1 Zed Horse.

If you’re able to secure one, you have extra $ that you’re willing to invest, and you somehow see horses still available? Sure go for it!

But you definitely can’t plan a stable around getting multiple horses in a drop – and I don’t even recommend pinning your WHOLE hope of playing this game based on winning at the Drop either.

Should A New Player Try For The Zed.Run Drop?

As mentioned above – if you simply want to buy a pony & race it and enjoy the Zed.Run game… Buying a Genesis cheap at drop is probably the best way to play the game. Don’t let the high demand scare you away — take a shot at it!

Genesis Horses are considered to be the most valuable breed-type in the game and they have a built-in rarity factor as well. There will only ever be 38,000 Genesis Horses created. After that, the only way for new horses to come into the game are through breeding.

It should be noted that you ARE taking a chance buying from the Zed Drop. Your horse could be an absolute monster awesome race horse. It could pull terrible odds and be the worst racer in the game. Just because it’s a Genesis – you don’t have any kind of guarantee of performance.

Typically though, Genesis’ should certainly hold their value and even the worst Genesis Z10’s are selling for .17 ETH at the moment.

How Do I Sign Up and Participate In The Drop?

Unfortunately… Zed.Run has locked new stables from participating in the drop. Meaning if you didn’t have a stable by June 9th, you won’t be able to join the fun. (My advice is if you’re reading this sadly… sign up anyway and see if you happen to get an email)

There are plenty of ways to participate – see our post right after Echo Drop happens!

There’s a few good resources I would recommend you use to learn how to sign up for Zed.Run.

First, you could look at ZedGazette’s “Steps” to Getting Started

Second, once Al Smizzle drops his YouTube video on the Drop – that will be required viewing!

I’ll type out the Sign-Up Instructions here just so you have them:

  1. Download Metamask Extension for your favorite browser (Chrome / Firefox)
  2. Sign in to Zed.Run — use “Connect Metamask”; do not enter an email yet
  3. Authenticate Zed.Run with Metamask
  4. THEN enter a valid email for your account
  5. Exchange your ETH to WETH through the Wallet on the Zed Site

Okay, What’s Up With All This ETH / WETH Nonsense?

So… without being super technologically inclined, here is the best explanation I can give about ETH & WETH (Wrapped ETH).

The whole appeal of Zed.Run is that it runs “on the blockchain”. Because of this – you need a crypto wallet (Metamask) to participate.

However, if you were trying to purchase horses in “ETH”, you would be charged a gas fee each and every time you tried to click “Buy”. So if you tried to participate in a drop but someone clicked slightly before you – you were out of luck and your gas fee was gone. Yuck.

With WETH, there are no gas fees for individual transactions. That means when you enter a $2.50 race, it simply costs that amount of WETH. If you try to buy a $200 horse in the drop – you simply pay $200 if you’re able to click it 1st. If you don’t get it – your charge is $0.


All of that information comes with one major warning — it does cost a fair amount to “unwrap” your WETH and turn it back into ETH. Many people have tried to use $150 to purchase a horse… and then they find out the gas fees to unwrap were like $100 of the $150 that they had.

This is not a method that Zed is using to try to “keep” your money. (It’s in Metamask – Zed doesn’t own your money once you deposit)

However, you should be aware that you may experience these gas fees on BOTH sides of transactions — depositing AND withdrawing.

Our best recommendation is that if you are depositing a small amount such as $200 to aim for a Z10; you would want to do so with the intention of definitely playing the game no matter what. That means, if you miss a Genesis horse you’re keeping your $200 in WETH until you find a cheaper market horse once breeding opens.

Again, that’s all personal opinion and how I like to think about things – just make sure you KNOW what you are investing into and how everything works with the WETH system before you blindly jump in and think you’re making $700 profit in 13 minutes by flipping a digital horsey.

Should I Pick A Blue Horse or a Colt or a Filly or a Funny Name or a Boring Name… Etc?

Well, let’s just put it this way…. No.

During the last drop – horses sold extremely fast — especially at the Z7-Z10 level where most casual players are going to aim.

Personally, I think that Z7-Z9 will give you a little bit better chance of buying a horse because so many newbies are going to simply invest the minimum amount to try and look for that immediate profit flip.

As Al Smizzle tells us on Twitter, the hype is real. Google Trends is already showing some massive interest in this next drop and this could be the hardest drop yet to buy from.

All I can do is share personal experience – during the last drop I was able to buy a Z8 but I didn’t look at name, color, gender – it popped up on the screen and I jammed in my Metamask “click” as quickly as possible. I don’t recommend much messing around. Once horses load in – don’t hesitate trying to find the perfect little pink Filly with a cute name… just go.

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