Inside Zed Run Episode 17

Inside Zed Run Episode 17

Inside episode 17 in todays episode we interviewed BotLady and Darthside supercoats.

Botlady is a wife and mother and all star Poker/slot player/streamer who made her way to the Zed platform and acquuired a huge stable here on zed.
She can be found streaming on twitch and on twitter

DarthSide Supercoats is the creator of the van goatee originals art set and the owner of the stable running on the darth side
and soon to be twitch streamer as well the van goatee collection can be found
darthside supercoat will be streaming here his twitter

MJStable co-host Zed Run enthusiast also very active almost nightly on twitch
tool created by MJ for analyzing your race horse’s performance

ZedInsights co-host of zed bi-Weekly Review and one of the best interviewers in the entire nft space be sure to
watch all of his interviews

Golden Glow Master co-host Zed Run enthusiast and independent game developer

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