Inside Zed Run Episode 9

Inside Zed Run Episode 9

In Episode 9 of inside zed we interviewed Lucky Jack & Kevin of arbitrage Racing

Lucky Jack is one of the oldest stable owners, he has been around since before racing was even He is a co founder of the ponyplug and he also has a huge stable which is highlighted by owning every single peach puff z1 nakamoto in existence. The ponyplug also runs bi-weekly tournaments. they are currently on tournament 5 but when tournament 6 starts in 2 weeks from day of publishing this video the coin can be found here

Kevin of arbitrage racing is considered by many the pre eminent racer on the entire platform. he has the ability to identify racers extremely early in their career and acquire them he has also mastered keeping his horses in the appropriate class.
MJStable co-host Zed Run enthusiast also very active almost nightly on twitch
tool created by MJ for analyzing your race horse’s performance

Golden Glow Master co-host Zed Run enthusiast and independent game developer

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