Inside Zed Run Episode2

Inside Zed Run Episode2

Inside Zed Run Episode 2 we interviewed Syntribos of Syntribos Stables and ZG of Zed Gazette

Syntribos stables is a relatively new comer to the Zed run world with who actually owns a real world horse racing stable.
He also started the zed stable registry which will help facilitate communication between stable owners be sure to register your stable at
Syntribos also has a youtube channel where he is putting out phenomenal zed run content be sure to check out his channel

ZG is the co founder of Zed gazette which is a website that has came up with most of the prevailing zed run theories and the best gifs outside of twitter

MJStable very active almost nightly on twitch
other great content creators for zed run

Poseidon Stables…
Pony Plug
Sean VS All
Zombie Racing
Doofy Racing
Also Doofy Racing

Chateaux Zed

King BeaverShot
King BeaverShot also has a great podcast