The Community Cup

Zed Run has undoubtably seen some incredible tournaments over the last few months.

We’ve had Season One of the ZRC, featuring the first ever Maiden.

We’ve had Official Zed Run tournaments.

We’ve had PonyPlug tournaments and many many more.

But all pale insignificance to The Community Cup.


The Community Cup is an event aimed at helping Bryce from Sangudo Stallions fund some of the costs of looking after his 11 year old son, who sadly is in the hospital recovering from Leukaemia.

I’ve spoken to Bryce since this cup has been announced and he had this to say,

“I’m honestly in a state of shock. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this kind of support would be there. Honestly wish I could more eloquently put what the support from everyone means into words.”

When Is The Tournament Taking Place And How Can I Join?

The tournament begins 12am UTC January 29th to 12am UTC Monday January 31st

To enter first you need to buy the correct token which is determined based on the Z# of the horse which you’d like to enter.

Using the image above, you can figure out which tokens you need to buy.

Here’s the links to all the tokens

Division Zero

Division One

Division Two

Division Three

Like Zed Run, the tokens are on Polygon therefore there’s no gas fees.

How Do I Win The Tournament?

The premise of the tournament is very simple, score 125 points.

However you must race your horse 10 times. So if you reach 125 points in 7 Races, you have to race the final 3 races or else your horse won’t be counted.

The scoring system for the tournament is as follows:

1st = 20 Points

2nd = 15 Points

3rd = 10 Points

4th = 5 Points

5th = 0 Points

6th = -5 Points

7th = -5 Points

8th = -0 Points

9th = 5 Points

10th= 10 Points

11th= 15 Points

12th= 20 Points

How Can I Help?

Already within just 24 hours of the tournament being announced we have:

Genesis Horses

Prize Money

Rebated Breeds on Top Horses

NFT Mystery Boxes

Zed Run Nascar Skin

and many more…

If you have anything you’d like to donate to this incredible tournament then please get in touch with the people listed below.




The more prizes we can put forward, the more money we can generate to help Bryce and his family!

If you’d like to know more information, watch this video from Zed Chateaux who summarises the tournament perfectly.