Where Can You Find Zed Run Horse Stats And Why Do They Matter?

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Zed Run Horse Stats

Welcome back to the Tribe! In this post we are going to discuss where you can find zed run horse stats and why they matter!

For those that are new to Zed Run, make sure to check out our review article here of the platform, and check out some of our specific Zed Run content to stay up-to-date on everything happening.

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

zed run horse stats

Lets start with the simple question of – What are Zed Run Horse Stats?

Well, ironically we do not yet fully know. The game developers are Visual Human Studios who are responsible for Zed Run actually like to keep a lot of the horse data hidden. By this we mean – they want the user to discover these stats over time. Slowly, we are starting to chip away at the mysterious ice berg of data that they have behind closed doors.

The Zed community is doing this by racing, breeding, and analyzing the current data that we do have. Here is how Zed Run Horse Stats are broken down:

  • Horse Base Ability

Horse Base Ability is just what it sounds like – the amount of ability that the horse has in its figurative tank to race with. Think of this amount as an overall number – lets say 1000.

Hypothetically, lets imagine a horse is able to put each of those 1000 points into 100 buckets. Each of these buckets will contain a random amount of points that we can refer to as a distribution. Just for examples sake, lets say:

  • Bucket 1 holds 10 points
  • Bucket 2 holds 27 points
  • And Bucket 3 could hold 2 points
  • so on and so on until all 1000 points are distributed throughout the 100 buckets

This is how we have theoretically imagined the racing algorithm that horses race with based on base ability.

To advance this idea, lets imagine that the better the bloodline, say Nakamoto or Szabo, the more base ability points a horses starts with randomly. For instance, a Nakamoto horse might be able to start with anywhere from 1000 to 10,000 base ability points that is random assigned at creation while a Buterin’s might be around 500 to 5,000 randomly assigned.

This is all hypothetical and just an example to help us understand base ability quantitatively.

  • Variance

The next part of horses stats to consider is variance.

Variance can be considered the ability of a horse to run extremely fast in a race or extremely slow.

Horses that have a high variance naturally develop a U-shape to their racing pattern because they either place first or last in races.

This is highly sought after since it awards more wins and high prize pools when the horse performs well.

In turn, horses with lower variance might start to exhibit an A-shape form constantly placing 4th through 8th in races. In other words, they are consistently in the middle of the pack and have a very hard time moving up or down in the class system.

Unfortunately, these horses are not sought after, but can still be decent horses thanks to their potential breeding ability which we will cover next.

  • Breeding

The last part of of the Zed Run horse stats is breeding.

Now, this attribute is much harder to quantify then the previous things mentioned. Why is it harder to quantify?

Well, because there are so many variables that can be factored into breeding. Like take for example the Z score of a horse, the male and female weights, the bloodline and on and on it goes.

In addition, it has been theorized that breeding is its own stat by itself not directly correlated to racing statistics.

This makes identifying breeding exceptional hard.

The only way to actually understand a horses breeding ability is to breed them over and over with multiple different blood lines, and blood types.

Best Platforms For Horse Stats

Now that we know the different horse stats to look for, where can we find this data?

There are many platforms that are starting to spark up across the market, but here are our favorite.

  • KnowYourHorse – Great for tracking race stats, viewing offspring of horses, and checking out some of your own stable’s stats!
  • Hawku – Good platform to dig a bit deeper into some of the financial stats of horses and their racing stats in general
  • StakedNaks – Great platform for those looking to dig a bit deeper into the data like variance, means, ranges etc
  • MJ Informatics – Probably the best platform to really dig into data and view profitability across distances

Each of these platforms focuses on slightly different aspects of the game, but each one is a tool you should master if you want to fully understand your horse.

Zed Run Horse Stats Post

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