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Recap of The 1st Zed.Run Tournament: What Can We Learn From 144 Winners?

Zed.Run held their very first ‘on-site’ Tournament over the Halloween Weekend as it awarded a Prize Pool of $300,000 USD split to 144 different Horses who advanced from the ‘Quarter Finals’ stage that 576 Horses were invited to.

Overall, thousands and thousands of Horses tried to qualify which was done by competing in at least 30 Free (or Paid if you so chose) Races.

So, what can we take away from the Tournament Field and the Qualifying Horses at large? Let’s take a look!

Today’s Zed.Run Ecosystem

Before we can dive into the 144 Horses who won money during the Initial Zed.Run Tournament, let’s take a look at how the Horses are split in today’s Ecosystem:

  • Genesis: 27,351 Horses (19.3%)
  • Legendary: 43,020 Horses (30.4%)
  • Exclusive: 44,083 Horses (31.1%)
  • Elite: 15,258 Horses (10.8%)
  • Cross: 9,508 Horses (6.7%)
  • Pacer: 2,429 Horses (1.7%)

These numbers (142,000+ Horses and growing!) give us a baseline to understand what’s out there in Zed and what a ‘normal ratio’ would look like if all the Horses were getting into the Tournament on an even level.

Now let’s get to the good stuff!

Who Made Money in the Zed.Run Tournament?

144 Horses collected at least $450 USD in the Tournament.

While Horses were able to Qualify for the field of 576 as low as being an “Exclusive Z41”, the highest Z # that made money in the Tournament was an Exclusive Z24. However, this was definitely a rarity.

Let’s look at some Facts about the 144 Horses who were Winners over the weekend:

  • The “Average” and “Median” Z Number of these 144 Horses was 8

Low Z #’s are going to continue to dominate these types of events for the for-seeable future. We’re going to dig into these statistics a bit more as we move along this article, however a majority of these horses were low-Z either Genesis or Legendary Horses.

  • Only 2 of the 144 Horses that won a Prize had a Z# over 20

These 2 horses, “Mexican Dream” (Z22) and “Mathura” (Z24) were both Exclusive Buterins.

Here are the breakdown of Winners by Breed type:

  • 52 Genesis (36%)
  • 62 Legendary (43%)
  • 20 Exclusive (14%)
  • 9 Elite (6%)
  • 1 Cross (1%)

Here are the breakdown of Winners by Blood Type:

  • 54 Nakamoto (37%)
  • 22 Szabo (15%)
  • 24 Finney (17%)
  • 44 Buterin (31%)

This says a lot about the ecosystem of Zed.Run right now in my opinion. We can see Genesis Horses being very strong with their 36% Representation coming from a group that is only 19% of the Population.

Interestingly enough, we also see the Legendary Breed performing extremely well with 43% Representation coming from only 30% of the Population.

This is a real take-away for me because even though we’re told that the Breed Types tend to be stronger at the top – we got a very real show of the Legendary Breed being able to compete at a high level. Speaking of high level:

  • 34 Horses (24%) of the 144 Semi-Finalists were Genesis Nakamotos.
  • 8 Horses (75%) of the 12 Grand Finalists were Genesis Nakamotos.

Now we move to a little bit of a more ‘big picture’ thought. Even though only 1,895 Genesis Nak’s exist; there was a whopping 34 of them found in the Semi-Finals and the end Field had a ridiculous 8 of 12 Genesis Nak’s.

Here’s the ‘big picture’ part — this tournament had a few factors that favored these Monster Horses. It took 30 Races to Qualify meaning that you had to be consistently good to get in. You could come in 1st-3rd (or 4th in the case of the Final) and still advance, meaning that there was some room for error. There was no real class modification or restriction….. EXCEPT:

For the Quarter Finals.

In the Quarter Finals, we saw each and every race classified by “Class Points”, and many of the Genesis Nakamotos in the Game have Class Points that are 150 or higher.

Of course, that means we saw many Z1 Nakamoto’s get eliminated in the 1st Round such as Ratchet, Artful Song, Baby I Got It, DEZ, Glorious Triumph, Vast Sensibility, and so many more go home in that 1st Round empty-handed.

With so many of these Horses taking each other out – and still managing to get 75% of the Grand Final spots means that Zed was right to group the Quarter Finals the way they did or this write-up may seem even more one-sided.

My Personal Takeaways:

Even with the ‘top heavy’ nature of this Field, you can tell that Bred Horses are going to find themselves able to compete in some regard. Remember, Princess of Power took 3rd Overall and is a Legendary Z7 Szabo.

Many other horses were profitable in major ways as well such as a Legendary Buterin Z17, “We’re Going Streaking” making it all the way to the Grand Final as well.

Here are what I think the main take-aways are for the Zed.Run Ecosystem:

  • For now, a Z# under 20 looks to be a Cut-Off if you want to have a really competitive (top-level) horse

Maybe you could extend this to 30 or so if you feel that future format changes could benefit ‘the little guys’. And it should be noted that so many people have made Legendary Horses in an effort to stay close to the top.

But at the end of the day, from what we’re seeing now, it looks like there will be a certain level of cut-off between Top-Level Horses and Horses who can simply ‘participate’ (maybe even profitably) in the regular Zed Run Events.

  • If you want to compete High Level as an Exclusive, have some blood.

Again, you have to look at the total of Zed.Run Horses in an ecosystem to really think about this properly, but check this out from the field of 144:

  • Legendary Nak: 10
  • Legendary Szabo: 13
  • Legendary Finney: 14
  • Legendary Buterin: 25
  • Exclusive Nak: 5
  • Exclusive Szabo: 6
  • Exclusive Finney: 3
  • Exclusive Buterin: 5

There are about 27,000 Leg Butes and about 25,000 Exclusive Butes …. but look at the numbers of who made it to the 144.

Leg Butes win that battle over the Exclusive Butes 25 to 5.

It’s just interesting to note this cut-off and the fact that Exclusive Nak’s and Szabo’s seemed to have a bit more juice compared to their population sizes… Maybe Zed.Run Breeding Prices aren’t as problematic as some people seem to believe.

  • Legendary Buterins are ‘live’

This may be a Take Away that fit in the above Section, but I wanted to highlight them here too.

25 Legendary Buterins got paid in this Tournament! That’s 17% of the Horses that got paid. Yes, there’s a ton of them alive on Novus Earth (27,000 as mentioned above) but for now they are able to do interesting things.

If we DID get a Breeding Structure shake-up in the future, Legendary Horses may have an interesting spot in the Ecosystem.

  • This was the FIRST Tournament, not the LAST Tournament

Just a general take-away here — remember that Formats, Restrictions, and Rules will probably always be changing in Zed. That’s one of their constants — things always change.

  • The monsters are monsters

This is me repeating myself as well, but it’s still a take-away. The Gen Nak’s were a FORCE in this Tournament.

Early results show that one day many Bred Horses will be able to compete with them (See: Princess of Power), especially as we get farther and farther into the Genetic Algorithm with whatever changes may come with that.

But for now, Novus Earth is ruled by the Genesis Nak Kings & Queens. It will take awhile for that to change.

What was your BIGGEST Zed.Run Tournament Take-Away?? LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW!

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