Zed Run Blog Post #6 – State of Zed Run And Our Opinions

Welcome back to the Tribe!

This is our sixth Zed Run Blog post! In this one we want to talk a bit more informally about our opinions of Zed Run right now.

Here is a quick run down of this post:

  • Giveaway update
  • Racing update
  • Our Zed Run Opinions

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Zed Run Blog Post #6

Here is an update for the Sanfrancisco Tribe Zed Run journey!

Giveaway Update

Finally, our MAIN give away has concluded.

We tried to give as many people a chance to enter as possible, but sadly not everyone can get lucky and win the prize.

For our giveaway we had over 200 emails, and we had 25+ people with over 50 entries each.

personally, we learned a lot from doing our first giveaway. The main thing is that choosing a winner was EXTREMELY hard.

Not that it was hard to click “select a winner”, but that it was hard for us to only have one horse to give away. We would give everyone a horse that entered if we could…

Anyways, we have selected a winner for the giveaway!

That person is: Ranch Hand Stable!

We are very excited to give them our Z7 legendary Finney that will come from two of our BEST horses in our stable.

We wish them the best of luck with this horse and in their Zed Run journey.

Stay tuned though because we may do another giveaway near the years!

Racing Update

We have won 84 races so far! We are coming very close to our 100 win goal by years end which is extremely exciting.

In addition, we have 99 second place finishes and 68 third place finishes!

84 wins

While we were progressing faster earlier in the week, racing has become much more competitive in the last few days thanks to the official Zed Run tournament.

Not competitive in the idea of not being able to win, but competitive in the sense of finding the right races.

For the past 2 days it has been almost impossible to get a decent 2200M or 2000M race in class 1 that isn’t over $20.

While we could race the expensive races, we like to stick to the $5 and $10 races. This is simply because we can track profit much easier that way.

Although, we have found a very suitable down classing method for a few of our horses that hover around class 3 which helps consistently bring in more profit and wins over time.

Zed Run Opinions

For the last part of this post, we just want to openly discuss Zed, how we feel about the platform, and some opinions we’ve recently developed.

The first thing we want to cover is racing.

Zed Run Races

While we have finally started to get a handle on racing, it really is difficult to get used to it. Not to mention the amount of money you have to put into a horse, races, and time just to learn how to do it.

We are finally profiting daily, but it really is a struggle even with decent horses to find the right races.

Not to mention constantly monitoring your horse’s stamina and making sure they are staying in the right class.

It really is a skill that takes 500-1000+ races to develop.

Not only that, but most people probably do not have the money to put into racing or the time to fully understand it.

We feel like Zed needs to do something to help on-board people easier in the future. Maybe the free races without rewards should stay to help with horse discovery or racing strategy development down the line.

Zed Run Community

As always, the community has been extremely positive.

While the discord has been a toilet bowl on days when the platform is down, for the most part it is still filled with people trying to learn and contribute.

Not to mention the amount of content creators is growing and expanding weekly.

One thing the community should do is start to create more educational resources. Maybe even someone should build a racing and breeding course?

It still feels like a lot of the top tier knowledge is kept out of reach or simply still unknown to many people.

NFT Horse

The last thing we want to discuss is NFT horse price.

It is worry-some to see a lot of the price floors start to drop.

Basically in the past month, almost every genesis price floor has halved with some horses being sold even lower than that.

When we started, a Z3 gen Szabo unraced was around 3-4 eth and some people are buying them for under 2 which seems trouble some.

In addition, it seems to be harder to stud out horses that are not pulling over a 10% win rate.

While this is concerning, it also shows market development. As the platform continues to grow, certain horses will become essentially worthless to the market.

In addition, as people continue to educate themselves more, there will be less people buying crappy horses or studding horrible ponies.

In all, we feel there needs to be a better placement for the “bad horses”.

We are not sure how to really fix this, but it would be nice to see Zed put some effort in this department moving forward before a handful of horses just become meaningless NFTs.

Zed Run Blog Post

Thanks for reading our fifth Zed Run Blog post!

We will continue to update you guys every couple of days on our racing success, stable changes, and other fun things we dive into.

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