The Great Reset

One of the most desired upgrades to ZED Run is an update the racing class system.  The current griffin and 5 classes was introduced at the end of 2020, and was designed for a much smaller stable population.  However, it is better than the griffin and 2 class system we had before.  This article takes a look at how things changed with the updated racing algorithm.  

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3 Classes

In the previous racing system, we had a griffin class and a class I and II.  Griffin functioned the same in the previous system as now by being the first race of a ZED horse’s career.  All horses then began in class I and would move up to class II depending on their performance. Stables were not given metrics for a move up or down in class, and would often only discover a move when attempting to enter a horse.  There was no visible point system that is associated with our current class system.  You can find more information on the old ZED Medium blog here.

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The Reset

The ZED team explained to users that to fully deploy the new racing system that all stats would need to be reset.  The previous data would not be relevant to future performance.  Naturally, the community was highly opinionated but also came to the conclusion that this was the best solution for future user growth.  Rather, the complaint most voiced was changes in racing performance.

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With the new racing system and algorithm, there were dramatic changes in performances by ZED horses.  Some stables that had paid premium for proven racing ability were now holding donkeys.  The ZED team reassured ussers that the underlying DNA of their horses had not been changed, rather the interpretation of that DNA by the racing algorithm.  Often times these previously strong racers are horses that continue to move up in class and not win.  An example of a strong horse that now struggles to finish first is Excalibur (link).

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In conclusion, the great reset was a major change to ZED Run as a game.  We upgraded from a 3 class system to the 6 we now have.  All the stats were reset, but we were told the DNA remained the same.  Many worry, but the ZED team has said they will do everything within their power to avoid another reset.  This is still beta, afterall.

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