9 Zed.Run Pacers You Can Buy on Hawku For The “Pacers-Only” on May 24th

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The FIRST-EVER “official” Zed.Run Conditional Tournament is here!!

People have been asking for this day for a long time — and the PACERS ONLY is here! The Tournament starts on May 24th at 6:00 PM EST.

Now, with all of the love for those other Breed Types, you may not have studied up on many Pacers. That’s okay — we’re here to break the Market down for you.

Please Note: We are writing this article as of the early-morning on May 21st. Of course, people could be buying these specific Horses as I type!

You can use this article as a “Strategy Guide” to do your own Market Research, or simply DM me at @ZedGuruOfficial on Twitter!

With all of that out of the way … let’s get to the Horses!

#1. Judged Choice — .40 WETH (Click These Links to Buy)

What an interesting Discovery Horse here comes out of the Netti Naysayer’s Stable.

It’s a Z178 Pacer Buterin; but it’s placed in the Top 3 spots in 6 out of the 9 Discovery Races that it’s been in.

It’s also sporting a 100% Flame Rate in those 9 Races. Personally, .4 ETH is going to be a bit high of an evaluation for me when it comes to Pacers… but there can be no doubt that this Horse should look very interesting in the Marathon Funnel.

#2. Buteholes Banana — .75 WETH

If I didn’t like a .4 evaluation for Judged Choice, it may be hard to stomach seeing a .75 price tag here on Buteholes Banana — a Z268 Pacer Buterin.

However, Banana has something that Judged Choice can’t boast — a somewhat proven track record.

This Horse has been both Flaming at times and Winning at times in C3. Even in Frees, that’s pretty impressive for a Z268.

We don’t know the Tournament Prize Pool yet, but even a hot streak would be hard to pay off the entry fee — and for that reason although it’s got some power, I’m not sold on the full-ask here. A “Bid” situation may be quite appropriate.

#3. Cheesy Poofs — .048 WETH

What a name — Cheesy Poofs is a pre-Breeding-2.0 Z22 Pacer Finney.

He’s got a nice price tag at .048 (under $100 USD) and he’s got a pretty even Finishing layout in the 2600 with a 22% Flame Rate and 7 Wins in 77 Races at the distance.

Normally, that wouldn’t be too much to write home about. However, some of these Results came from ‘back in the day’ and I’d be optimistic that this graph could get much better when only facing off against fellow Pacers. (most of which will be Buterins and have much higher Z numbers than Cheesy Poofs)

This is a very intriguing option if you’re looking for a Marathoner for Tuesday.

#4. Tiny Seven — .069 WETH

Here’s a “nice” offering at .069 WETH… Tiny Seven, a Z17 Nakamoto.

Tiny Seven has been Flaming about half the time in C4; which shouldn’t be bad for this Tournament with all things considered. It’s unfortunate that it hasn’t been up in C3 much so we could try to gauge its skill level a bit more.

It’s seen its Flames more at 2200 than at 2400 or 2600, which could play out well as most people who have manipulated Pacers with DP are probably much more familiar at the 24/26 level.

It didn’t have an amazing Discovery period, quite frankly, but this would be an option hoping that the low Z and the Nakamoto blood carries a bit more weight when getting into the Pacer-only fields.

#5. HODL Your Pacers — .075 WETH

Well, this Horse certainly has a nice message for us, doesn’t it? HODL Your Pacers was born back in the end of March and if you had HODL’ed Pacers you probably wouldn’t be reading this article, would you?

HODL has a .075 WETH price tag, which may be pretty tough to justify given its chart. Unfortunately, she has maxed out in the 2nd/3rd position in its best races with an “L” graph that starts in that spot. This could be blamed on going up against some of the other Breed Types in competition.

I think that I would be more confident in HODL if I had assurance from Zed that we would be getting regular Conditional Tournaments and that Podiums would be as important as Win Equity in this envrionment.

#6. Genesis Super Rare — .295 WETH

First of all, don’t let the name fool you — this is definitely a Pacer.

It’s getting more rare to see a ‘natural’ U-Shape in Zed these days, but this Horse actually has it. What’s more impressive is that it has 23 Wins under its belt in the 1000 Distance and only 37 12th place finishes. For a Pacer, it’s rare for it to be so close.

This is the Horse to show to your Uncle that doesn’t believe that a Horse can win without Flames.

The Fibonacci / Tournament format may make it a bit of a toss-up, and at .295 WETH this is a somewhat expensive Lotto Ticket. However, if we get an expansion of Conditional Racing for Pacers — I would think that it would pay off in the long run.

#7. Tua Time — .10 WETH

Take your talents to South Beach with Tua Time!

At .1 WETH, Tua has some interesting things going on here similar to real-life Tua.

It seems to have some of that Breeding 1.0 Variance baked in — that’s for sure. The reason Tua Time makes this list is because I think it could have success in the Mid-Distance Funnel that is sure to be weaker due to the simple fact that people never discovered their ‘Pacer Monsters’ (speaking relatively) because they get beat by the higher Breed Types.

With 7 Wins in 38 Races in the 1600 Meters, I think Tua makes for an interesting play in that Mid-Distance level. Whether it pays off .1 or not depends a lot on Variance Luck and the Tournament format.

#8. Rusty Pipes — .069 WETH

Rusty Pipes is similar to some of the other Horses on our list to be sure — although it does boast the “Super Rare” distinction.

It’s a Breeding 1.0 Foal that is seeing a pretty decent ‘natural U’ at the 1000 Meters. It’s had a few more 2nd’s, but of course we can hope for better results against worst competition.

With a .069 WETH price tag — it fits in with some of our other options here quite well.

#9. Field Marshall — .017 WETH

How ’bout a Lotto Ticket?

Field Marshall is a Breeding 1.0 Pacer that has a reasonable Z32 Genotype and has never been raced.

Will it be absolute rubbish? Nobody knows!

My advice would be to try and Discover it before the Tournament — but is a $33 Lotto Ticket really the worst investment you’ve ever made in the NFT space?

Bonus Round:

Unraced Breeding 1.0 Pacers Under $20 & Prices:

Black Chocolate Pacer – .007 WETH

Pacing Ivory – .007 WETH

Lexi Trax – .0085 WETH

Wook Hunter – .009 WETH


We’re not here to guarantee Horse purchases. This article is designed to get your brain thinking and looking for opportunities in these Horses.

When you find yourself agreeing with the positive logic that I use about a Horse — that may be a good sign! When you disagree, that is your sign to stay away.

You’ve got control of your Stable — but no matter what, I’ll see you on the Track on Tuesday!

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