Meet the Newest Members of ZED RUN’s Product Squad

From Twitter Spaces to in-depth interviews in the Community blog, moving forward ZED Headz can expect to hear a lot more from the people behind the product.

To further our efforts of keeping the community in the loop, we thought we would give a formal introduction to our newest Product team members.

FacundoDirector of Product

Facundo joins VHS with a focus on aligning efforts across product teams. With more than 15 years of experience in game design and product development, he has a passion for new-age gaming that allows users to own and earn in-game assets in ZED RUN. 

“This is the start of a new cycle of game development. The last one, F2P (Free to Play), revolutionised the industry by adding a whopping amount of new players into what used to be a “nerd’s niche,” and turned gaming into something massively mainstream,” Facundo says. 

“I believe Play-and-Earn games will now empower a worldwide community of players of all ages to shape the future of gaming through real player ownership of in-game assets.”

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Leonardo – LiveOps Lead 

Leonardo joins the ZED RUN product team as LiveOps Lead. Under his direction, the team will work to bring value and excitement to the racing environment. Leonardo comes to VHS with 15 years of game development experience, with past projects including acting as Chief Director of the Guild of Game Developers in Chile and working on the LiveOps teams behind games such as Transformers: Battle Tactics, D&D: Arena of War, and Battle of Littledom.

“I’ve always been looking for ways to push our industry forward and into the international markets,” Leonardo says. “Throughout my career my main focus has been game design, specialising in balance and economy. It’s very interesting to be able to learn about Play-and-Earn and shape it through our work with ZED RUN.”

Pablo Senior Game Designer

Pablo joins ZED RUN to design, implement, and launch new game features. A veteran gaming developer, his credits include working on games such as Hellfire: The Summoning, Transformers: Battle Tactics, Star Wars: Galactic Defence, DC Legends, and Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

“Before moving into mobile games I worked on F2P (Free to Play) games and gacha mechanics,” Pablo says. “I’m excited about creating in ZED RUN where players actually have ownership of in-game items, characters, and units, unlike many traditional F2P platforms.” 

All this talent and experience joining our crew is making us bullish about what lies ahead for ZED RUN!

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