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Did The A-Shape Stakes Do What They Set Out To Do?

Tournaments are continuing far into December with the “Keep On Winning”, “Maiden“, and “Fibonacci 3” all coming this Month.

The A-Shape Stakes were really a Tournament that was designed to give “Donkeys” a chance to win some money.

I don’t think that rewarding 6th & 7th Place Finishes is really the most elegant way to accomplish this goal, but this is what Zed had to turn to based on limitations with their Product.

The Prize Pool of roughly $105,000 USD was to be split among 288 different Horses who advanced from the ‘Quarter Finals’ stage that 1152 Horses were invited to… so the question is:

Did Zed finally manage to give money to horses that weren’t Genesis or Nakamoto’s?

Let’s break it down!

Today’s Zed.Run Ecosystem

Before we can dive into the 288 Horses who won money during the Pity Point Cup, let’s take a look at how the Horses are split in today’s Ecosystem:

  • Genesis: 27,352 Horses (16.8%)
  • Legendary: 47,672 Horses (29.4%)
  • Exclusive: 52,123 Horses (32.1%)
  • Elite: 18,396 Horses (11.3%)
  • Cross: 12,368 Horses (7.6%)
  • Pacer: 4,423 Horses (2.7%)
  • Nakamoto: 17,949 Horses (11.1%)
  • Szabo: 13,557 Horses (8.4%)
  • Finney: 27,184 Horses (16.7%)
  • Buterin: 103,644 Horses (63.8%)

These numbers (162,000+ Horses and growing!) give us a baseline to understand what’s out there in Zed and what a ‘normal ratio’ would look like if all the Horses were getting into the Tournament on an even level.

Now let’s get to the good stuff!

Who Made Money in the A-Shape Stakes?

288 Horses collected at least $44 USD in the Tournament.

This represented the best Tournament in terms of different Breed & Blood Type who received money!

The highest Z# that was able to earn money was “Purple Ignition” who is a Z58 Elite Buterin who took home $74.

Let’s look at some Facts about the 288 Horses who were Winners over the weekend:

  • The “Average” Z Number of Horses who won Money was 14.71
  • The “Average” Z Number of Horses who won Money in Funnel A was 14.31.
  • The “Average” Z Number of Horses who won Money in Funnel B was 15.11.

We finally had an event that wasn’t completely and utterly dominated by the Z1 and Z2’s of the world!

The Average Z# jumped all the way down to 14.71 and there were less Gen Nak’s than ever before!

  • 10 Horses who had a Z# Over 20 were able to make over $400 each!

Finally, this is what we have wanted to see from Zed. Sure, it’d be better if we had Brackets specifically for Exclusive, Elite, or Cross Horses. However, this Tournament did achieve some results.

A Z21 Cross Finney made $526, a Z40 Cross Buterin made $178, and there were many more Success Stories like this.

All in All, 57 Horses who had a Z# of 20 or Higher cashed in the A-Shape Stakes for an average of $164 per Horse.

This represented $9,332 of the Entire Prize Pool — or just under 9% of the Total Winnings.

Where this Tournament really shined was in the breakdown of Winners by Breed and Blood:

Here are the breakdown of number of Winners by Breed type:

  • 31 Genesis (10.7%)
  • 92 Legendary (31.9%)
  • 128 Exclusive (56.1%)
  • 26 Elite (9.0%)
  • 11 Cross (3.8%)

Here are the breakdown of number of Winners by Blood Type:

  • 41 Nakamoto (14.2%)
  • 39 Szabo (13.5%)
  • 85 Finney (29.5%)
  • 123 Buterin (42.7%)

Genesis simply weren’t able to profit in this Qualifying method — with only 10% of the 288 Horses being of the Genesis variety.

The shocking number comes at the “Exclusive” level being represented by a massive 56% of the Horses who won money.

It is important to keep in mind that there are horses who were $44 or $74 Winners included in this Report, however it’s still a big step for Zed.

The biggest step will when we see them reward 100% of a Prize Pool to an Elite or a Buterin or some other lower type.

Digging Into the “Heavy Hitters”

Some people were complaining when they saw the low Z’s in the Tournament Finals, however I think this is something that is pretty unavoidable no matter what format you use (outside of blocking these Horses completely).

Some people were still upset that the A-Shape rewards reversed back to the traditional 1-2-3 method when Quarterfinals started.

No matter what, this “Top 10” is still a lot better than any other Tournament Zed has run so far:

  • Z3 Legendary Nakamoto ($8,181)
  • Z1 Genesis Nakamoto ($6,219)
  • Z7 Genesis Finney ($4,065)
  • Z1 Genesis Nakamoto ($3,891)
  • Z10 Legendary Finney ($3,328)
  • Z3 Legendary Nakamoto ($2,664)
  • Z11 Legendary Finney ($2,430)
  • Z6 Exclusive Nakamoto ($2,188)
  • Z9 Genesis Buterin ($1,721)
  • Z3 Legendary Nakamoto ($1,608)

Previously, we’ve seen the average Z Number of this list be as low as 2, but the average of these 10 Horses is at 5.4.

Definitely an improvement!

I think a lot of smaller Stables really could sink their teeth into this one and give it a shot, even if Zed probably doesn’t want to get into a regular habit of rewarding 6th Place.

The breakdown by Breed and Blood may not be as great as you think, although it definitely still improved:

  • Genesis: $25,167 (23.8%)
  • Legendary: $42,038 (39.9%)
  • Exclusive: $32,017 (30.3%)
  • Elite: $4,638 (4.4%)
  • Cross: $1,483 (1.4%)

Here’s the Blood Type Break-down:

  • Nakamoto: $36,105 (34.2%)
  • Szabo: $14,384 (13.6%)
  • Finney: $30,042 (28.5%)
  • Buterin: 24,812 (23.5%)

It’s interesting to see Szabo’s so low on the list. As I was compiling these stats, it seemed like a ton of Finney’s were involved and the Results definitely show that — as they earned almost as much as the Nakamoto’s did.

My Personal Takeaways:

Zed finally implemented a system that most Genesis Nakamoto’s couldn’t qualify for.

However, once you start a “Winner takes Most” Tournament, they are still going to be tough to beat.

As a “hold over” until the Zed Team is actually able to create Tournaments with Breed & Blood Restrictions, this seemed like an interesting format for a lot of people and I’m sure a lot of Horses were ‘un-retired’ simply for the chance to compete.

Now, what happens in Decemeber?

We are scheduled for 3 Tournaments through the end of 2021 with the “Keep On Winning”, “Maiden”, and “Fibonacci 3” Tournaments.

We know that these will be very top-heavy, so you probably won’t see another article like this unless we see some really weird Results until 2022.

However, we hope these Recaps give you good information and keep you informed on the Tournament Scene in Zed.Run!

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