3 Tips from ZED RUN’s Tournament Winning Stable

The Inaugural ZED RUN Tournament culminated in an exhilarating weekend of racing, which saw some of the crowd favourites knocked out early and some surprise names make it all the way to the Grand Final.

Eventually it was Figured It Out, owned by Deszies Stud Farm, who took home the crown and cemented herself in the annals of ZED RUN racing history.

We caught up with Deszies Stud Farm, who was kind enough to share some insightful ZED RUN tips and advice. Here’s what he had to say…

1. Race Strategically

Race carefully and thoughtfully, stay patient and pick the races that best suit your racehorse. Look for weaker fields.

If you want to give your racehorse the best chance of succeeding, it’s important to do your research and race strategically.

There’s a lot that goes into racing on ZED RUN, whether it’s the fact that your racehorse might have a preference for a specific distance, or the other racehorses its running against in any given race.

Making sure you’re racing your racehorse in a favourable distance, and keeping an eye on the level of competition, can help give you that slight edge that can make all the difference.

With future plans to implement other elements, knowing your racehorse like the back of your hand will become more and more important.

2. Form a Long-Term Plan

Form a vision of where you think ZED RUN will be in 12 months and make your decisions based on that.

We are still relatively early in the ZED RUN journey. What the ecosystem looks like now might not be how it looks a year from now.

With that in mind, it’s important to make sure you have some sort of plan in place to ensure your stable is set up for the long term and you can participate in all the amazing events that are still to come.

You might have heard the phrase ‘donkeys of today, champions of tomorrow’ and we are heading towards a place where so many more racehorses can be competitive in lots of different events.

Diversifying your stable with a mix of sprinters, mid runners and marathoners can be a good way of covering lots of bases and preparing you for many future events.

Formulate a plan, be flexible, and enjoy the ride. ZED RUN has so much more to come and setting yourself up for success early is key.

3. Take time to learn the game

Don’t spend your whole budget on your first racehorse. Find a cheap racehorse to learn the game and go from there.

ZED RUN has a lot of layers to it and diving straight in can sometimes be a little daunting. Testing the waters with your first racehorse can be a good idea and can help you begin evaluating your racehorse and working out which distances it might prefer.

Starting out small and slow can set you up with a good foundation of knowledge and experience. From there you can grow your stable and begin to think about breeding champion racehorses that might become household names!

Our community is incredibly welcoming and helpful, so reaching out to other users on social media can be a great way to get started too. Our Discord server is a great place to chat to like minded, passionate people who are always willing to offer advice, just as Deszies Stud Farm has done here.

Hopefully we’ll see you all on the racetracks for the next tournament!

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