Art Auction: From the ZED Vault

There was a time not so long ago that ZED RUN was little more than a cross-the-street-crazy type of idea – an ambitious seed that has since grown into the vibrant ecosystem and passionate community we see today.

The journey has been a frantically exciting ride and with the opening of ZED HQ, our official headquarters in the metaverse, we wanted to offer some pieces of that journey to the community.

From the ZED Vault

From the ZED Vault is an art auction like no other. This is your chance to own a piece of ZED RUN history.


To coincide with Open Day, we’ll be selling five early concept art pieces that served as markers in time as the Founders built their vision for ZED. Alongside these five pieces, we will also be giving away a sixth piece to a random attendee at Open Day!

This collection has been carefully curated to showcase some of the milestones that shaped the game’s iconic look and feel. Each NFT represents a moment in ZED RUN’s journey, simultaneously honouring the game’s past and helping cement its place in history as the first digital horse racing game on the blockchain.

Auction Details

  • When is the auction?
    Saturday, September 4th, 9:00pm UTC  –  Monday, September 6th, 9:59pm UTC.
  • What is being auctioned?
    Five 1-of-1 NFT concept art pieces from ZED RUN’s history.
  • Where can I buy them?
    The auction will take place on OpenSea.
  • How long does the auction last?
    The main auction is open from September 4th, 2021 and will end September 6th, 2021. Any bids placed during the final 10 minutes of the auction will automatically extend the end time by 10 minutes in order to allow users who have been outbid a chance to increase their bids.
  • How is this related to ZED HQ Open Day?
    ZED HQ will have a gallery in which you can view the art pieces, with links to the OpenSea auctions. Attending ZED HQ Open Day also gives you a chance of winning a sixth NFT art piece from the collection.
  • How do I enter the giveaway at ZED HQ Open Day?
    All you need to do is attend and claim our POAP for the event from the dispenser. Your wallet address will then be entered into the giveaway and at the close of the auction, a winner will be selected at random.

This is your chance to own a unique and stunning piece of ZED RUN history, don’t miss it!

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