Daily Tournaments Expansion

ZED RUN Daily Tournaments are expanding, and boy is there some exciting stuff planned. 

Imagine the current formats as a pretty painting of a tree. Nice, huh? Now add in the sun, and maybe a couple more trees, perhaps some shrubbery too. Don’t forget the fauna – a monkey, two sloths, a few toucans, and a leopard hauling the carcass of a wildebeest up into the branches for safekeeping.

And there you have it – the expanded Daily Tournaments, in all their glory, with more brushes and another easel on the way.

Return of the Maiden

It’s finally returned! No doubt you’ve been dreaming of the Maiden pushing open some huge, creaking wooden doors and wiping sweat from its brow as it bathes in deserved adoration.

Now imagine this happening every week. That’s right – Maiden Mondays are here and ready to receive your beautiful unraced racehorses. 

Starting April 11, Maiden Mondays will be a regular weekly occurrence. What better way to welcome our breeding update?

New Maidens will use the scoring system from the Fibonacci Cup, instead of the previous Maiden scoring system.

Conditional Daily Tournaments

What’s better than tournaments everyone can enter? Tournaments that only Pacers or Z268s can enter, of course! You wanted niche, conditional tournaments, and now they’re a reality.

We weren’t lying when we said every racehorse has a place in our racing ecosystem. The first conditional tournaments will be:

  • A Pacer-only Fibonacci Cup
  • A Z268-only Keep On Winning Cup

They will also feature open class racing events, which sit outside the conventional class system. For example, for a Pacer-only Fibonacci Cup, there will be Pacer-only racing events, meaning that Pacers will only be racing against other Pacers when attempting to qualify. 

Note: These conditional tournaments will only have a single tournament bracket, rather than the A and B brackets featured in the other Daily Tournaments. The prize pools will be adjusted accordingly to reflect the prize pools of the ‘A’ brackets of regular Daily Tournaments.

Tournament Budget Adjustments

As a result of the big changes to Daily Tournaments, and the suite of racing experiences that we have in store, we’ll be rebalancing the tournament prize pools, starting April 11.

To promote a wider variety of winners, Daily Tournament prize pools will be rebalanced from $20,000 to $15,000, with the funds being allocated to new racing formats like weekly tournaments, contests, and more.

It’s important to note that no money is being removed from the total prize pool allocation, it is simply being redistributed. Details of exciting upcoming racing experiences are coming soon.

Rotating Finals Distances

The distances run in the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, and Finals of all ZED RUN Daily Tournaments will be rotated within each distance funnel.

This means Sprinters will run either 1000m, 1200m, or 1400m, Midrunners will run either 1600m, 1800m, or 2000m, and Marathoners will run either 2200m, 2400m, or 2600m.

For example, for each Fibonacci Cup the distances will rotate each time the tournament runs. This means if the Sprinter funnel ran 1000m in the previous Fibonacci Cup, they will run 1200m in the following one.

For the purposes of distance rotation, the conditional tournaments will count as separate tournaments. For example, a Pacer-only Fibonacci Cup would only begin to rotate to the next distances in the second instance of a Pacer-only Fibonacci Cup. It’s simple really!

The distance rotation starts this Monday, 4 April, with the Podium Plate, which will feature 1000m, 1600m, and 2200m.

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