Expanding Competition through Tournaments

With three official tournaments now in the books, the team is pushing forward, exploring ways to further expand tournaments for the bright and exciting future.

Our First Three Tournaments

We’ve been thrilled with the reception for our first three ZED RUN tournaments: the Inaugural Tournament, the Fibonacci Cup and the Pity Point Cup.

Tournament Stats:

  • We see 40-50% more stable owners racing
  • There are 160% more racehorses hitting the track
  • Approximately 6,000-8,000 racing events are run each day

Social Highlights

How We Structured Them and Why

While the initial tournaments have been a great testament to our capabilities and functionality, we are constantly listening and taking your valuable feedback on board to shape the next iterations.

Tournament structures have remained similar to help create a smooth experience while at the same time, enabling us to determine the structures that drive the most engagement and enjoyment for our community.

Tournament Outcomes

To date, the tournaments we’ve run have revealed:

  • Some of the best racehorses in the game
  • Areas to improve bringing us closer to our vision for the future
  • An increase in positive community engagement
  • Heightened energy and coverage around the finals events, by Zombie Racing and other influential streamers
  • Invaluable, constructive feedback from the community

Our Vision for the Future of Tournaments

It’s no secret that we want tournaments to play a big part in the future of racing. They inspire a different level of competition, passion and engagement, which we want to see continue. With every tournament we run, we are closer to that vision. We see tournaments as a great way to help deliver on our promise that every racehorse on the platform will have its place.

More Tournaments, More Formats

The aim is to create a varied and exciting tournament schedule, which involves perfecting the format and structure of every tournament we run. Your feedback captured through the survey below will help inform the way forward.

We aim to make continual improvements not only to the tournament schedule but also to the overall racing environment which have included:

  • Adjustments to the maximum entry fees per class
  • Class point distribution changes
  • Only allowing racehorses to race in their current class
  • Updates to key racing features and bug fixes

For example, as part of the fatigue update, we fixed a bug that was affecting how racehorse attributes were being applied. The fix and resulting impact were not targeted at distance preference specifically, but a consequence of the fix was a slight reduction in variance for some racehorses with strong preferences, under certain conditions. Please note: All major changes made to the algorithm will always be communicated in advance.

Concurrent Tournaments

We aim to have multiple tournaments running at once, providing you with a lot more choice. Perhaps you’ve only got time for an hour-long tournament this week, or your champion Pacer wants to prove it’s the best of its breed type while your donkey wants to compete in a donkey tournament on the same day. We’ll have you covered.

Create Your Own Tournament

With custom races, eligibility rules and tournaments all developing, we will get to a point where creating your own tournament is possible.

Imagine your favourite content creator running and hosting a tournament live on Twitch, or yourself hosting your own tournament for friends at the pub. From the smallest scale tournaments to the highest stakes, community-created tournaments are the future.

Have Your Say

We’d love to gather your feedback on tournaments, so we’ve put together a survey to find out more about what you’ve thought about tournaments so far, and what you’d like to see from us in the future.

Click here to complete the survey

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