Melbourne Cup Carnival Enters the Metaverse

For the first time, Australia’s original major event, the Lexus Melbourne Cup known as ‘the race that stops a nation™’, will be transported to a futuristic world through an expansive partnership with the digital horse racing game ZED RUN.

Melbourne Cup Carnival

The Melbourne Cup Carnival is a four-day spectacle hosted by the Victoria Racing Club at the world-renowned Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne and creates an atmosphere unparalleled at any other sporting event in Australia and celebrates all that Melbourne does best: world-class sport, fashion, entertainment and hospitality.

Penfolds Victoria Derby Day, 30th October (AEDT)

On Saturday, 30th October ZED RUN will be sponsoring Race 3 at 1:40 p.m. AEDT called the ZED RUN Wakeful Stakes. It is a 2000m race for Three-Years-Old, Fillies. No class restriction. For more information, visit:

Lexus Melbourne Cup Day, 2nd November (AEDT)

On Tuesday, 2nd November, don’t miss ‘the race that stops a nation™’ and the thrilling peak of Melbourne Cup Carnival. For more information, visit

The Lexus Melbourne Cup Party at ZED HQ

In partnership with the Victoria Racing Club (VRC), ZED RUN brings you Australia’s biggest annual horse racing event: the Lexus Melbourne Cup! 

As crowds gather to watch the races at Flemington, thousands more will be gathering in the metaverse at ZED HQ. Join our first-ever watch party for the Lexus Melbourne Cup 2021, hosted live by Lyndsey Rodrigues! Enter a beautifully transformed ZED HQ to experience the fashion and rich tradition of Australia’s most famous annual thoroughbred horse race.

Come dressed in style from a tailored collection of wearables fit for the occasion, as you watch live-streamed horse racing, and enjoy an exclusive performance by Australia’s DJ Havana Brown. Peruse our NFT art gallery featuring historic Melbourne Cup Carnival moments you can bid on, until 4th Nov.

What can I do at the Lexus Melbourne Cup Party at ZED HQ?

  • Dress in style! Shop from a tailored collection of VRC x ZED RUN Spring 2021 wearables fit for the occasion. Stores located on either side of the entrance.
  • Watch live-streamed horse racing all day on any screen around the venue. Want a better view? Check out the big screen in the back!
  • Learn about famous ZED RUN racehorses featured in halls along the far sides of ZED HQ. Approach each statue and click to learn more.
  • Rock your style with exclusive Havana Brown accessory wearables to add to your fashionable collection.

Dance to music by Australia’s DJ Havana Brown!

  • Peruse our NFT art gallery featuring historic Melbourne Cup Carnival moments you can bid on, until 4th Nov. View the auction on OpenSea.
  • And lastly, don’t forget to take a selfie in front of our Media Wall upstairs in the bar. We want to see all your fashionable avatars on social media!

Attendees gain access to our special event POAP and free Classic Tuxedo Tee wearable. For more information, visit:


What is ZED HQ and where is it?

ZED HQ is the official headquarters of ZED RUN, located in Vegas City, Decentraland. The coordinates for ZED HQ are -135, 93. 

What is Decentraland (DCL)?

Decentraland is a virtual reality 3D ecosystem hosted on the Ethereum network where users can freely explore, engage with others, and if they choose, purchase plots of LAND to build upon. The LAND is represented by a non-fungible token that exists on a virtual map. 

How do I get to ZED HQ?

The coordinates for ZED HQ are -135, 93. There are a couple of ways to get to ZED HQ once you’re in Decentraland:

  • Click the ‘Explore and Play’ button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, then navigate to ZED RUN HQ and click ‘jump in.’ 
  • Open up the map in the top left and navigate to the coordinates manually with your mouse. ZED HQ is located in Vegas City, which is the top left corner of the DCL map.

How do I create an avatar to visit ZED HQ?

To create an avatar in Decentraland, visit
Click ‘Get Started’ and then select ‘Play using your wallet’ to ensure you gain access to all the benefits of attending events at ZED HQ. You can choose your appearance and outfit, before jumping into Decentraland. 

What is a wallet? How do I create one?

MetaMask is a digital wallet that can be used to create your ZED RUN stable and enables you to access experience in ZED HQ at DCL. The MetaMask wallet is a plugin extension that lives within your web browser which can interact with the blockchain. Download the Metamask extension for your favourite browser here.  Once you’ve created an account, make sure to keep your ‘seed phrase’ somewhere safe. Here is a good visual tutorial to follow.

What is a wearable? 

Wearables in DCL are exactly what they sound like: things you can wear! When you create an avatar, you’ll have some standard choices to select from. You can collect additional items, some rare, exclusive, and super-valuable. Wearables can be purchased from within ZED HQ or directly from the DCL Marketplace.

How do I purchase the VRC x ZED RUN Spring 2021 wearables to change my avatar’s outfit?

Wearables can be purchased from within ZED HQ or directly from the Decentraland Marketplace. When at ZED HQ, you can view the wearables and shop from our stores.

When shopping from the Decentraland Marketplace:

  • Click the icon in the top right hand corner of the screen that shows your avatar’s face
  • Click the backpack icon. Next, select the ‘collectibles’ tab and then click ‘marketplace’
  • Search for the VRC x ZED RUN Spring 2021 Collection in the Marketplace
  • Find a style you like and choose your outfit to purchase!

What do I need to make purchases in Decentraland?

The in-game currency for Decentraland is MANA. The wearables use Polygon MANA. For more information, visit:

What is a POAP? 

A POAP, short for Proof of Attendance Protocol, is a digital badge given as a token at special events for attendees. These tokens provide a way to prove you attended one of our ZED RUN HQ events. You can collect your POAP from one of the POAP machines located inside ZED HQ. 

How do I know that I have received my POAP?

You can download the POAP mobile app: and enter your wallet address. Your POAPs will automatically appear in your collection. 

Got more questions?

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