More Horsing Around: The Glue Factory partners with Virtually Human Studio

It’s time to reign in the gossip and let you know straight from the horse’s mouth – Virtually Human Studio (VHS) is excited to announce an equine extravaganza of a partnership with The Glue Factory.

This partnership allows every stable owner in ZED RUN to capture the legacy of their racehorses and help write their stable’s journey into a story that could hit the big screens! 

About The Glue Factory

The Glue Factory is a generative art project that’s pushing the boundaries of true ownership and the potential of NFTs.

After a hugely successful launch and a sell-out of their 10,000 NFTs, work has begun on a dark animated comedy series, which will star the NFT collectibles themselves.

The star-studded team of writers, producers and actors at The Glue Factory boasts some big names, including Jon Barinholtz (Superstore), Colton Dunn (Superstore, Key & Peele), Katie Rich (SNL), Rob Belushi (How I Met Your Mother) and Jim Wise (SNL, Tonight Show with Jay Leno).

While the project is crafting an animated series, it is also passionate about advocacy and has donated 10% of their NFT sales to the Red Bucket Equine Rescue, an organisation with initiatives to save at-risk, abused, and neglected horses.

About the Partnership

The collaboration between VHS and The Glue Factory aims to highlight and expand the relationship between NFTs and entertainment, serving as a spotlight for the potential of digital asset ownership within the entertainment industry.

We Need You

Kicking off on Sunday, September 26, The Glue Factory will be running a ZED RUN themed Community Writers Room, in which they’ll be rolling out a series of writing assignments. Verified stable owners and holders of ZED RUN racehorse NFTs will be given the opportunity to pitch ideas to the team of writers, producers, and actors above, so look out for the chance to get your impassioned ideas down on paper!

Stories and influences from the ZED RUN world may make their way into some of The Glue Factory scripts, resulting in the ultimate horse-related NFT crossover stories.

There’s more grand plans to come from this partnership too, so keep your eyes peeled for more announcements down the line as we build an equine entertainment empire!

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