Netflix Film ‘The Harder They Fall’ Sponsors Biggest Race In ZED RUN History

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Virtually Human Studio is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with the Netflix film The Harder They Fall to create the first-ever sponsored ZED RUN race: The ‘Redwood City Classic,’ a single high-stakes race with a massive prize pool of $75,000, the largest in ZED RUN history.

On November 15th at 12 am UTC, the ‘Redwood City Classic’ will be added to our racing page and open to the public to enter. The $75,000 prize pool will consist of both sponsorship funds provided by the Netflix film The Harder They Fall and a race entry fee of $3,000 per participating racehorse.

The ‘Redwood City Classic’ will not include any classifications or prior restrictions, making it available for all racehorses to enter. The race will take place on an existing ZED RUN racetrack that has been remixed with billboard imagery, logos, and artwork that reflect our sponsor, The Harder They Fall, now available on Netflix.

Our partnership with The Harder They Fall not only marks the first major sponsorship of Esports on the blockchain by Netflix but the debut of a new feature we’re excited to be bringing to ZED RUN in the future — sponsored races. While future sponsored races will come in all shapes and sizes, The ‘Redwood City Classic’ is a one-race kick-off celebration of this new feature and a sign of things to come.

Like with any western-style duel, the fastest draw and surest finish will take home the win. Once the ‘Redwood City Classic’ fills with twelve horses, the biggest race in ZED RUN history is off to the races!


When is the ‘Redwood City Classic’? 

The ‘Redwood City Classic’ will appear on the racing page on November 15th at 12 am UTC. Like a traditional ZED RUN race, once twelve horses enter, the race will schedule and a countdown will appear.

Where can I watch the ‘Redwood City Classic’?

Once the race is filled with all twelve horses and ready to go live, ZED RUN will broadcast the race live in 3D. Keep an eye on our social media accounts and in our Discord channel for a race time announcement.

What is the entry fee for the ‘Redwood City Classic’?

The entry fee will be $3,000 per horse to enter. 

What is the prize pool for the ‘Redwood City Classic’?

The total prize pool will be $75,000. A breakdown of the prize pool is available on the racing page.

Is anyone eligible to enter the ‘Redwood City Classic’? 

Yes. Anyone and everyone are welcome to enter the ‘Redwood City Classic’. There is no horse classification or requirements that need to be met to enter. 

Will ZED RUN be taking a commission from this race? 

No. There will not be a commission taken from the ‘Redwood City Classic’ prize pool. All funds — both entry fees, and The Harder They Fall sponsorship funding — will be distributed to first, second, and third-place finishers.

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