Open Day at ZED HQ

Entertainment startup Virtually Human Studio (VHS) moves into partnership with mega virtual reality platform Decentraland, opening the gates for users to experience virtual horse racing within a fascinating new world of entertainment. The collaboration significantly expands the ZED RUN ecosystem, establishing its territory on one of the largest metaverses on the blockchain. 

“We seek partnerships with those who build invaluable experiences for and with the community, and as the first-ever virtual world owned by its users, Decentraland continues to successfully attract thousands to its platform,” said COO and Co-Founder of VHS Rob Salha

Working closely in creative collaboration with Vegas City owners and developers, VHS has built ZED HQ, its headquarters for ZED RUN, in the Vegas City Sports Quarter, one of the most prominent land parcels in Decentraland. 

Broadening ZED’s ecosystem within a virtual world enables VHS to bolster utility for its global community. The partnership aims to demonstrate true interoperability while reaching a much wider audience, engaging a new demographic and driving mainstream adoption of the blockchain.

Currently, ZED RUN utilises augmented reality technologies that enable stable owners to bring their favourite digital racehorses into the physical world. With that in mind, transporting the analog into the virtual world only seems fitting as we continually seek connection with community in new ways.

Event Details

On September 4th, ZED RUN headquarters will be opening its doors to the public for the very first time in the entertainment capital of the metaverse: Vegas City, baby! A 24/7 headquarters in the city that never sleeps, for a community made of players around the globe. 

ZED RUN will host an Open Day event within the walls of its brand new ZED RUN HQ located in Vegas City, Decentraland. This event will be open to stable owners and sports fans worldwide who will be the first to transcend into this 3D virtual venue built for the ZED RUN community. 

Collect your POAP and wearable!

Visitors can collect their POAP to verify attendance, as they explore everything ZED HQ has to offer, from the art gallery to viewing rooms where races will be live streamed. Merch stands will also offer an exclusive Open Day ZED RUN wearable, adding to the excitement and memorabilia capturing the day! Join us for Open Day at ZED HQ!


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