Open Day Recap

ZED RUN Headquarters in Vegas City, Decentraland is officially open! 

Open Day at ZED HQ in Vegas City, Decentraland (DCL) was a roaring success, with visitors from all over the globe checking in on the party celebrating our metaverse debut!

For many of us, this was the first time we met “face-to-face” with one another, after having connected either through Discord or competitively on the racetrack, and it was fun to see each other’s personalities come through in our avatars as we chatted, laughed, and danced! Most importantly, together we were able to connect and find a common place for us to gather in this new community space that we have big plans for. 

While Open Day was just the beginning of things to come, the team was overwhelmed by the massive numbers who attended our official launch. A record attendance of 9,221 community members dropped in to visit and explore our new space, marking the second-highest number of POAPs (proof of attendance protocol) to ever be claimed over a 24-hour period in DCL!

Which part of the world do you rep?

Many of you were decked out in new swag with our free limited-edition ZED RUN tee wearable, all of which were claimed in such a rush and due to the incredible turnout, we’ve had to mint more! We know some of you may have missed out, so if you or anyone you know checked in to the event but missed out on receiving a ZED wearable, please check your wallets, as we are sending one across to all Open Day POAP holders. 

As always, we’d love to hear feedback from the community. If you attended Open Day at ZED HQ, please take a moment to give us your thoughts on the event and your suggestions on what future events you’d like to see at ZED HQ.

Comment via this quick survey below and see you all again soon!


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