The ZED RUN Tournaments Continue With Another $100K Prize Pool!

The A-Shape Stakes!

We’re delighted to announce that the ZED RUN tournament train is rolling on, and we’ve got another exciting format to trial – The A-Shape Stakes!

The A-Shape Stakes offers another prize pool of over $100,000 USD, and trials another new points structure!

We want to highlight those racehorses that love to finish middle of the pack. The ones that cruise along, not quite fast enough to win but not quite slow enough to lose. Do you have a racehorse that loves finishing 6th or 7th? Perhaps this is the tournament for you!

Here is a look at some of the key details for The A-Shape Stakes. As always, the full information can be found in our ZED RUN Guide.

Tournament Structure

Once the Qualifying Period ends, The A-Shape Stakes splits into two (2) different tournaments that will include the top 1,152 racehorses:

  • Tournament A comprises racehorses ranked 1 to 576 at the end of the qualifying period
  • Tournament B comprises racehorses ranked 577 to 1,152 at the end of the qualifying period

Tournament A and Tournament B have identical structures to one another and will both be run during the same one-day Finals event.

Tournament Schedule

The tournament is scheduled to begin on the 8th December 2021 at 12 AM. All times are in UTC.

Event Start Date Start Time End Date End Time
Qualifying Period 8 Dec 2021 12 AM 15 Dec 2021 12 AM
Quarter Finals (B) 15 Dec 2021 9 AM 15 Dec 2021 1 PM
Quarter Finals (A) 15 Dec 2021 1 PM 15 Dec 2021 5 pm
Semi Finals (B) 15 Dec 2021 6 PM 15 Dec 2021 7 PM
Semi Finals (A) 15 Dec 2021 7 PM 15 Dec 2021 8 PM
Finals (B) 15 Dec 2021 8:30 PM 15 Dec 2021 8:45 PM
Finals (A) 15 Dec 2021 8:45 PM 15 Dec 2021 9 PM
Grand Final (B) 15 Dec 2021 10 PM 15 Dec 2021 11 PM
Grand Final (A) 15 Dec 2021 11 PM 16 Dec 2021 12 AM

IMPORTANT! While stamina acts as normal during the qualifying period, The A-Shape Stakes finals events will not take stamina into account, so you can race your racehorse right up to the end of the Qualifying Period and do not have to worry about it not returning to full stamina before the Quarter Finals begin. Please note, your racehorse’s stamina % may still decrease, but stamina will not affect the races.

Prize Pool

Every tournament offers a prize pool, giving every qualified racehorse a chance to win. For The A-Shape Stakes, the Qualifying Period will result in two tournament finals: Tournament A and Tournament B, each with its own prize pool as shown below.

  • Tournament A – $73,733 USD
  • Tournament B – $31,600 USD

The distribution of the total A-Shape Stakes prize pools is broken down as follows, but may be subject to change in the future:

Round Participants Races Prize Pool Allocation
Grand Final 12 1* 13%
Finals 36 3 19%
Semi Finals 144 12 23%
Quarter Finals 576 48 45%

*Note: The Grand Final of both Tournament A and Tournament B consists of 6 races across different distances, where the racehorse with the most total points is crowned Champion.

Each race within the two tournament schedules encompasses a portion of the total prize pool on offer and is distributed to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place racehorses as follows:

Position Within Race Prize Pool Allocation
1st 60%
2nd 25%
3rd 15%

A detailed breakdown of The A-Shape Stakes can be found on the Tournament page of the ZED RUN Guide.

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