ZED RUN NYC Event Recap

On September 1st, ZEDheads from across the U.S. descended on The Ainsworth for the first ever official ZED RUN meetup in New York City, and what an event it was!

More than 100 community members came together to share nostalgia-drenched stories with one another, exchanging tactics and breeding theories over great food and drinks.

VHS Head of Partnerships Roman Tirone and Community Manager Jay White were joined by members of the VHS team onsite to welcome folks, connect, and ensure live racing was up on the screens for all to enjoy. Our famed family of racehorses and futuristic tracks filled displays around the venue, as stable owners and fans alike cheered for their favourites, igniting energy inside The Ainsworth.

Despite the wild and heavy rain, the turnout was high and the team was thrilled to see so many ZEDheads all in one place! Big names from the community made an appearance including ZED Gazette, Josh Ong, and East Coast Stables.

Those of us on the other side of the world were able to experience the event vicariously through Retro Racing and Zook’s live stream, connecting us with friendly faces and giving everyone a taste of the action.

We want to thank all who attended and made the event so special. To the wider community, look out for a ZED RUN meetup near you in the future!

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