ZED RUN Skins Update

Skins have long been anticipated as a way to make your racehorse the pride of the ZED RUN tracks, inspiring envy and admiration alike.

Well now we’re almost there – skins are coming.

NASCAR ZED Pass Winners

As part of this skins update, we’re delighted to announce that the first batch of NASCAR ZED RUN Passes have been delivered, and they will be accompanied by a NASCAR skin later this week.

We will be airdropping these 100 NASCAR ZED Passes to the winners’ wallets on November 7th (UTC). The skins will follow on November 12th (UTC).

As a reminder, the second batch of NASCAR ZED Pass winners will be drawn at the commencement of NASCAR’s 2022 season, at which time we’ll be launching the next campaign to celebrate the kickoff. More details on these to come.

Skins Timeline

We’re delighted to announce that we have an official timeline for skins, as follows:

At 4:00am on November 10, 2021 (UTC):

We will be taking a snapshot of all the wallets that hold a ZED Pass – Edition One – NASCAR (“NASCAR PASS”). The Nascar skin NFTs will be dropped to these wallets on November 12 (UTC). If your wallet does not hold a NASCAR PASS at the time of the snapshot, you will not receive a Nascar skin NFT. There are five different NASCAR skin NFTs, which will be randomly dropped, each with a different level of rarity:

Rarity Level Quantity
Common 725
Uncommon 200
Rare 55
Super Rare 15
Ultra Rare 5

November 12 (UTC)

NASCAR skin airdrop

  • We’ll be airdropping NASCAR skins into the wallets of those users who are due to receive a skin

Skin separation: Preakness, Atari, and Stella Artois

  • We will be separating your racehorse from its Preakness, Atari or Stella Artois skin. This will involve airdropping a separate themed skin NFT, and returning your racehorse to its natural skin, so you will have a separate racehorse NFT and skin NFT
  • These skins will be separate NFTs that can be bought and sold on OpenSea
  • OpenSea will display badges on ZED RUN racehorse listings to make a clear distinction between whether you are viewing an individual skin NFT, a skin NFT and racehorse NFT together, or an individual racehorse NFT
  • Make sure you hold onto your racehorses that entitle you to a separate skin NFT until you’ve received the skin

Late November to Early December

  • We will be prompting all stable owners to upgrade to new racehorse NFT contracts in order to support the benefits of having the ability to attach and detach skins from racehorses.

Late December

  • Owners of skin NFTs will be able to attach and detach these from racehorses
  • Skins attached with racehorses will be available to view across the ZED RUN platform, including in 3D races


Can we use our skins straight away?

You won’t be able to attach and detach the skins from your racehorses, or view the skins in 3D races, until late December.

When can I buy and sell skins on OpenSea?

You’ll be able to sell your skins, as well as purchase other skins, immediately after we’ve airdropped the skins to users. OpenSea listings will also display badges on ZED RUN racehorse listings to make a clear distinction between skin only, skin and racehorses, and racehorse only.

Will the skins be part of the ZED RUN verified collection on OpenSea?

Yes, so make sure you only buy from a verified collection with the blue tick. Each brand of skin will have its own verified collection.

Will skins be bought and sold on the Ethereum network or Polygon?

Skins will be sold on the Polygon network.

How do I apply my skin to a racehorse?

More information about attaching and detaching skins from racehorses will be published in December when that option becomes available.

What does this mean if I own a Preakness, Atari or Stella Artois racehorse?

It means we’ll be detaching the skin from that racehorse and delivering it to your wallet as a separate NFT, so you can buy, sell and use it as you like.

Will I be able to attach my Preakness, Atari or Stella Artois skin to any of my racehorses that I want?

Yes, you can attach your skin to any of your racehorses.

Do I get a racehorse with my NASCAR skin?

No, the NASCAR skins do not come with a racehorse.

How are the different rarities of NASCAR skin being distributed?

The distribution of NASCAR skins will be random, so all pass owners have an equal chance of receiving rarer skins.

What’s the future utility of the NASCAR ZED pass?

These NASCAR skins are just the beginning when it comes to utility from the NASCAR ZED Passes. There is a lot more to come, so stay tuned!

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