Ladies and gentlemen – welcome to your ZED RUNdown

Everyone has a New Year’s resolution, and one of ours starts right here with the inaugural ZED RUNdown – a weekly snapshot report covering all things ZED RUN. We aim to keep the community informed, enlightened, and yes, entertained.

A lot can happen in a week and we don’t want you to miss a thing. So expect to find quick news, announcements, roadmap progress updates, and much more. ZED RUNdown will be covering everything from A to ZED RUN.

Without further ado, let’s go! 🐎💨


Last week, the ZED RUN team released ZED RUN the Future: 2022 highlighting our roadmap over the next 12 months!

Thank You, Next

Objects in your rear-view mirror are closer than they appear, but as our roadmap indicates, the ZED RUN team is laser-focused on delivering items coming at us through the windshield. Thank you, Next will be a space dedicated to upcoming events, important reminders, and a sneaky heads up on big news.

So, what is next?

Early next week, a game-changing announcement that our team has been waiting to share and release to the wider world is set to go live and shift us into the next phase of entertainment. We hope you’re ready for it.

Tournament Tracker 

Congratulations to our Fibonacci Cup 3.0 tournament champions! The winners took home a combined $106,000 prize pool, with Tournament A awarded $74,000 USD, and Tournament B pulling in $32,000 USD.

The Pity Point Cup 2.0 is currently underway, so if you haven’t already joined the fun, get out on the racetracks for your chance to compete and win a share of the prize pools!

Back by popular demand, the Fibonacci Cup 4.0 will be kicking off following the Pity Point Cup 2.0 on 12th January. As always, a full breakdown of tournament details can be found in our ZED RUN guide.

As indicated in our roadmap, tournaments will play a massive factor at ZED RUN moving forward. The team is taking on your feedback when considering new formats and exciting ideas. You can expect changes to come for tournaments in the coming weeks and more details will be provided.


We extend a big thank you to everyone who completed our tournament survey. Your input is vital to making ZED RUN a more enjoyable entertainment experience, and we’re always listening.

From the data collected, we learned and heard the following:

  • 75% of respondents play ZED RUN daily 
  • 79% of those surveyed say they enjoy ZED RUN tournaments
  • Our Inaugural Pity Cup Point garnered the most participation
  • Respondents reported enjoying Pity Cup Point, but requested the rules remain consistent throughout
  • Many felt there should be fewer qualifying races
  • Many were negatively impacted by not losing points in free races (being stuck in Class I)
  • Many felt qualifying should be rewarded, with the prize pool spread out
  • Last, but not least, many feel as if ZED RUN can do a better job of giving every racehorse in the ZED RUN ecosystem a chance to qualify

The team is considering all feedback we’ve received surrounding Class I racehorses. While changes had been put in place to down class racehorses previously stuck in Class I, the team is aware it has now created stiffer competition for those remaining in this elite class.

Moving forward, options are being considered to further incentivise reaching Class I. Rest assured, the greatest racehorses in ZED RUN will be rewarded, but the competition will, of course, remain steep.

As outlined in the roadmap, tournament options will further stimulate the racing ecosystem and more information will be available in the coming weeks as this takes shape.

Roadmap and Product Update

The team is back in full force to progress items included in our ZED RUN the Future 2022 roadmap:

  • Smart contract audit by Quantstamp. This is the final step before the activation of skins. We will keep the community updated on when it will be completed. Currently, the audit process is expected to be completed by February. We have also focused on making rare skins easily identifiable in secondary marketplaces such as Opensea.
  • Token development. Our team and investors have now had multiple meetings, and we are well and truly underway. It’s really exciting to be putting the final touches on what a ZED RUN token economy is going to look like and how it will empower us to really accelerate community growth. As highlighted in the product roadmap, the first deliverable is a token airdrop to all existing and eligible stable owners.
  • The Elo rating system. This is in its final phases of testing. The new rating system will determine a racehorse’s class by calculating a racehorse’s rating according to its position at the end of any given race, relative to the field of competition. This will more accurately represent a racehorse’s rating based on its past performance. We are still on track for a late January release!
  • Onboarding improvements. We are updating options to sign up and play ZED RUN by removing the requirement to use Magic. What this means: if you are new to ZED RUN, you will need to sign up using your MetaMask wallet. If you are an existing stable owner, you will still be able to sign in using your email and Magic link. This change is set to go live early next week.

SNEAK PEEK! Weather conditions. As of now, the weather will be purely visual and will not impact performance. Weather implications on performance are in development. This is a very early look at what weather at ZED RUN may look like.

Content Creators

Need more tournaments? One community content leader has something beginning next week that you may want to check out!

Kicking off every Wednesday at 9 PM EST in January, Metaverse Gaming will be hosting its inaugural Moscato Cup, with their Grand Finale taking place on February 2nd. The seven-round tournament is scheduled to host Class III to Class V racehorses in an event that promises USD $8,000 in giveaways, including a USD $2,000 prize pool.

Here’s the catch: Entrants can only compete via live stream, and stable owners can only enter one race per round, with a winner-takes-all system set in place.

For more information and to register, check out MetaVerse Gaming on Discord.

Social Spotlight 

Re-sharing here in case you missed the video in our roadmap. Expect more of this to come as ZED RUN ramps up marketing efforts in 2022. Extra points if you can spot the Virtually Human Studio team member that appears.

ZED RUN: In the News

Last week’s roadmap news spread and multiple outlets took notice, including: 

  • DraftKings Nation featured our 2022 roadmap in their 12/30 NFT News recap. 
  • NFT Plazas rehashed some details we released in the roadmap, specifically focusing on the anticipated launch of the ZED RUN token. 
  • NFT Evening gave their own take on our 2022 plans. 
  • The Daily Gwei Refuel shouts out ZED RUN’s use of Hyphen in a nice breakdown of Web2 vs. Web3. 

Getting to Know: Republic Crypto

One of the highlights of our 2022 roadmap was our announcement that a native token would be added to the ZED RUN ecosystem in the near future. To fast track this much-anticipated addition, we have partnered with Republic Crypto to help finalize the execution and development of a sustainable token ecosystem. Republic Crypto has been an extension of the ZED RUN team, rolling up their sleeves alongside us focus on:

  • In-game token design
  • Game unit economics
  • Token emission schedule
  • Token smart contract development

Just this past year, Republic Crypto – a private venture arm of crowd equity platform Republic –  launched a $60 million seed fund dedicated to focusing on investments in tokens of early-stage crypto companies, fintech, and deep tech. The team is thrilled to be supported by a team that has worked on some of the biggest token launches to date, including Star Atlas, Avalanche, and Polygon.

With over $500 million in investments in more than 500 companies across one million users in 100 countries, Republic Crypto was an ideal partner for our biggest project to date.

User Security and Community Guidelines 

Over the past few weeks, the ZED RUN team has been tackling two issues that directly impact our community: User security and the removal of racehorses that violate our community guidelines. 

On the user security front, our specialists have removed thousands of bots from our channel and have been implementing new features to keep bad actors out for good. We are pleased to say that close to 50,000 users remain in our Discord community, an incredible number that continues to grow. 

On a related security note, on January 10th, ZED RUN will be beginning our cyber security audit. A globally reputable firm will be conducting this audit, and we will be sure to keep the community abreast of its results.

ZED RUN has a no-tolerance policy for offensive content on our platform and will continue to crack down on offensive items that are found, or flagged for our team to assess. For stable owners who have racehorses with names that violate our Community Terms & Conditions, our Customer Support team will be reaching out to provide the next steps on how they will be renamed.

Recent Top Sales

Thanks to our friends over at KnowYourHorses, it’s easy for ZED RUN users to track what racehorses have recently sold by following @zedsalesbot on Twitter. This tool is a bot, not a person, because there wouldn’t be enough coffee in the world for a human to keep up with the pace of racehorse sales!

Racehorse Breed/Bloodline ETH/USD time of sale
Ohhh Z1 Nakamoto Genesis Stallion 16.0 ETH/$60,954.80
Kingston Z1 Nakamoto Genesis Mare 11.0 ETH/$40,883.21 
Ghost Mountain Z2 Nakamoto Genesis Colt 6.0 ETH/ $22,867.54
Exorbitance Z2 Nakamoto Genesis Stallion 5.25 ETH/$20,178.77
Reptilia Z2 Nakamoto Genesis Mare 4.0 ETH/$15,208.32
Zyon Z1 Nakamoto Genesis Stallon 9.1 ETH/$32,107.39
*Note: All sales are reported by third-party users and do not reflect any information being provided directly by ZED RUN. Past sales are not financial advice. Please do your own research and purchase racehorses responsibly.

One Million Races

Let’s close this inaugural edition of ZED RUNdown with some incredible news: ZED RUN is closing in on an incredible milestone – one million lifetime races. We’re now in the final weeks leading up to this incredible moment, and we would like to once again thank our community for your unwavering support.

Mike Myers Doctor Evil GIF

Every race — from zero to one million — has started with you. Here is to millions more.

Join the Fun 🐎

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