How Skins Work in ZED RUN

Do you have skin in the game?

You will now – skins are coming to ZED RUN! Those who have already purchased skins will soon be able to view them in ZED RUN and show them off on the racetrack!

There are also more exciting skin updates to come! We have got you covered with this guide on how skins work in ZED RUN.

First Iteration of Skins

Stable owners who successfully participated in ZED RUN auction collaborations with Preakness, Stella Artois, and Atari will soon be the envy of the ecosystem. We look forward to seeing these racehorses line up at the gates and light up the race tracks with their colourful, unique skins streaming down the straight!

Skins that have been previously purchased at the time of auction will be paired with the racehorse originally purchased with. 

To enable functionality and further utility for owners of the skins, the team is working through the varied complexities of separating the skin NFT.

Phase 1
In this initial phase, each skin will remain attached to the racehorse originally purchased with. Owners of the skins will be able to view them on ZED RUN and functionality of the skin can be seen within the racehorse inspector, in the stable, and on the track. Target date: September.

Phase 2
By Q4 2021, current and future stable owners who have racehorses with skins will have the ability to separate the unique skin NFT from their racehorse! What this means is that your ZED RUN skin will automatically become its own tradable NFT, using the ERC-721 smart contract for streamlined continuity within the ecosystem. 

Skins as their own NFT

As part of Phase 2, the skin NFTs will hold their own utility separately and have the functionality of being transferred to any ZED RUN racehorse within the same stable, as well as being equipped and unequipped whenever desired. Owners of the skin NFTs can also buy and sell them separately on OpenSea, or collect and trade them between other stable owners and NFT collectors.

Keen to learn more about attributes of value?

Check out our article Creating Attributes of Value, which covers the topic of skins and a range of others including scarcity and demand, unique names and un-raced racehorse.

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