Tournaments are coming to ZED RUN!

Tournaments are coming to ZED RUN, forming the future of racing on the platform! The best part is that entry is absolutely free with over USD $300,000 to be won!

To get an in-depth look into how tournaments will work, refer to the ZED RUN Tournament Guide.

The First Official Tournament

ZED RUN is kicking things off with a huge two-week tournament, giving a flavour of what we have got planned!

Starting Friday, 15th October, the first tournament will be open to all racehorses, meaning every stable owner in the ZED RUN ecosystem will have a chance to take home the title and a share of the USD $300,000+ prize pool on offer. 🤯

How Do I Enter

All racehorses in ZED RUN are eligible to enter this tournament! To qualify for the Quarter Finals, you need to race in at least 30 races in a particular distance funnel (shown below). As a stable owner, any racing event you enter, regardless of Class or event type, will contribute to your race count for that particular distance funnel.

Tournament Format

Each racehorse must compete in a minimum of thirty (30) races across the two-week Qualifying Period. These 30 races must correspond to a distance funnel:

Distance Category Distance Funnel
Sprinter 1000m, 1200m, 1400m
Mid Runner 1600m, 1800m, 2000m
Marathoner 2200m, 2400m, 2600m

All racing events and event types will count towards qualification for the tournament. Free races will no longer have a prize pool but will count towards tournament qualification. The prize pools previously available from free races will now go towards the tournament prize pools.

A racehorse can only qualify for the distance funnel it ranks highest in. Your racehorse cannot qualify in more than one distance funnel.

At the end of the Qualifying Period, the top 576 racehorses as decided by their place rate (percentage of finishes in the top 3), will be entered into the Quarter Finals. Only the place rate for each distance preference funnel will be taken into account, meaning a racehorse’s place rate in one distance funnel will not affect its place rate in another.

Each racehorse that qualifies will automatically be entered into the Quarter Finals and the following rounds if it progresses.

Grand Final

From the Quarter Finals onwards, the top racehorses will automatically progress to the Semi Finals, Finals and ultimately the Grand Final. In the Grand Final, 12 racehorses will compete at 6 different distances in a round robin format where the winner will be crowned the inaugural Tournament Champion and take home the a guaranteed USD $40,000. The Grand Final will take place on the 31st October 2021 at 10 PM UTC.

Tournament Schedule

The first ZED RUN tournament will run over a two-day period at the specified times below:

Round Start Date* Start Time* End Date* End Time*
Qualifying Period October 15 12 AM October 30 12 AM
Quarter Finals October 30 12 PM October 30 4 PM
Semi Finals October 30 6 PM October 30 9 PM
Finals October 30 8 PM October 30 8.30 PM
Grand Final October 31 10 PM October 31 10.30 PM

*Note: All time are in UTC.


You will now be able to see your racehorse’s rank and place rate using the dedicated tournament leaderboard by simply clicking the My Qualified Racehorses toggle.

Prize Pool Break Down

A detailed look at the prize pools on offer for each round of the first official ZED RUN tournament.

Round Participants Races Prize Pool Per Race
Quarter Finals 576 48 $3,000
Semi Finals 144 12 $6,000
Finals 36 3 $20,000
Grand Final 12 1* $40,000

*Note: the Grand Final will consist of 6 races in a round-robin format where the racehorse with the most points will be crowned Tournament Champion.

Tournaments in ZED RUN will be continued to be funded from the Prize Pool Treasury accumulated from the breeding ecosystem. As such, the prize pools previously available from free races will now go towards the tournament prize pools.

Why Tournaments?

One of our key goals is to provide our community with value and engagement at every turn, ensuring that ZED RUN offers the ultimate entertainment experience.

Tournaments are another way of doing that – improving gameplay experience, encouraging strategic racing, making racing accessible to all, and offering extra entertainment.

Tournaments are a first step on this journey and how our community engages with them will help shape the future of racing on ZED RUN.

Onwards and Upwards

The first few tournaments will serve as a test for how tournaments will operate in the future and we have lots of ideas and plans for how to promote engagement and entertainment through these tournaments. We’d love to hear your feedback which you can submit through our Product Portal.

While this first tournament is taking place over a two-week period, subsequent tournaments may be weekly or daily, with different eligibility requirements and structures to ensure accessibility and enjoyment for all.

Read More

To become a ZED RUN Tournament expert, please head over to read our in-depth Tournament Guide and for any questions, check out our Tournament FAQ!

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