ZED RUNdown Edition 14

Who has two thumbs and lots of ZED RUN news to share? This blog, that’s who! 

Wait, blogs don’t have thumbs. Well, maybe they will in a future metaverse. If we’re being honest, we’ve heard crazier predictions. 

It’s been one of those weeks at ZED RUN. The kind that requires you to go back, double-check, and confirm it really happened.

Believe us – it did. It was THAT busy, and we’ve got a recap of it all for you inside this week’s ZED RUNdown.

Twitter Spaces  

Virtually Human Studio Co-Founder Geoff Wellman joined ZED Gazette on Twitter Spaces last weekend to chat about the product side of ZED RUN. Geoff’s chat was just the latest in a string of recent catchups with ZG, with even more in the works.

If you missed Geoff’s conversation with ZG make sure to give it a listen!

Q1 Roadmap Progress Report

Time flies when you’re having fun at ZED RUN! 

With the first quarter of 2022 in the rear-view mirror, our team wanted to provide a comprehensive recap of everything we’ve accomplished so far this year. 

Why? So you can keep track of our New Year’s resolutions, as well as look ahead at what’s to come in Q2. 


The blueprint for planned NASCAR activities at ZED RUN dropped this week, and it was all gas and no brakes for NASCAR ZED PASS owners eager to swap some PASS paint on the racetrack. 

The NASCAR Roadmap at ZED RUN revealed that over a quarter-million dollars in prize pool earnings will be dedicated to future racing events for NASCAR ZED PASS holders. In addition to cold hard prize pool earnings, VIP Garage Passes, Grandstand tickets, an exclusive ZED RUN x NASCAR NFT airdrop, and an end-of-year burn window are also part of the plans. 

Want to learn more about the NASCAR Roadmap? ZED RUN team member Jaret White joined ZED Gazette to go over the details and what’s to come. Give their chat a listen! 

Miami NFT Week

Bienvenido a Miami, ZED RUN! 

Virtually Human Studio CTO, Jason Melo, appeared at Miami NFT Week to take part in a Web3 Gaming panel. As part of the discussion, Jason highlighted the benefits of a true Web3 ownership economy and the importance of community in the NFT space. 

Be on the lookout for more Virtually Human Studio employee appearances across the globe in the coming weeks, because you know what they say – it’s always NFT Week somewhere. 

Supreme Polarity

It’s not every day a ZED RUN racehorse like Supreme Polarity switches hands, but Friday was one of those days with the legendary Z2 Nakamoto Genesis Mare selling for an eye-popping 45 ETH ($145,872 USD).

Congratulations to all parties involved!

Product Updates 

  • Racing filters are coming. Users will be able to sort open racing events by distance type, fee type, free races only, and paid races only. 
  • Racing Time-Outs will enable a countdown clock on yet-to-be-filled races. If the countdown reaches zero before the race fills, it will be canceled, racehorses returned to their stables, and entry fees refunded.
  • Updates to the tournaments and standings pages are designed to get you to what you’re looking for faster than ever. 

Community Stories

As evidenced by the recent release of our Q1 Roadmap Progress Report, a lot can happen in a few short months here at ZED RUN. Even more can happen in over a year, which is a fact our friends over at Naptown Stables recently touched on in a fantastic Twitter thread. 

Naptown discussed how their year-long ZED journey has taken them from purchasing a single racehorse that didn’t perform well, to owning three stables that are made up of over 250 racehorses with over 2,000 wins under their saddles. 

Naptown says as with most things, success at ZED RUN took perseverance and determination until things fell into place. 

“At first, I bought two racehorses – a Z10 Buterin Genesis and a Z5 Nakamoto Exclusive that was a grandson of Billions. Those two racehorses have zero combined wins out of 101 paid races,” Naptown says. 

“But I kept at it, and eventually my Genesis bred a Z28 Exclusive named Go Golden Go that is currently one of the top 200 most profitable bred ZED racehorses of all time. Since then, the rest is history.”

Looking forward, Naptown Stables sees both feedback from the community and future updates elevating the game to a place where every new user can succeed. 

“So much gets me excited about the future of ZED,” Naptown says. 

“Everyone that plays this game has at least one great suggestion to make it better. There is so much potential, and I know when the racing, breeding, the addition of ZED Token, and game strategy come together, it’s going to open up so many opportunities.” 

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Join Lacy from @RacingGlue on Twitch on April 8, 11, and 13 at 6 PM EST as she continues to break down all the ZED RUN news, and racing events. 

15 Minutes of Fame
Do you want to know what smaller stables and newcomers are bursting onto the ZED RUN scene? BotLady has you covered with her 15 Minutes of Fame segments, the next coming up this Wednesday, April 13 at 1 PM EST

Buterin Bonanza

Join Pony Zook and Zombie Racing beginning April 15 for Buterin Bonanza, a community-led activation reserved for only Z21+ Buterin racehorses. Qualifying will run until April 18, with a selection show on April 19 at 8 PM EST. 

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