ZED RUNdown Edition 21


  • Class 1 Premier Champion: Big and Tall
  • Community Blog: Meet the newest members of the ZED RUN Product team
  • LiveOps: Conditional racing is here, and we’re excited! 
  • Listen: Facundo and Geoff join ZG on Twitter Spaces
  • Snapshot Taken: NASCAR ZED PASS holders to receive NFT airdrop
  • Updates: Product and UX progress reports 
  • Community: Mrs. Roid Rager Boss Lady hits 5000 wins
  • ZED in the News: Louisville Investors Bullish on Zed Run

Class 1 Premier 

Congratulations to the Class 1 Premier winner, Big and Tall!

The Grand Final took place on Friday, May 27. All 12 racehorses who participated will receive a special Class 1 Premier grand finalist skin.

For a review of the event and details visit the ZED RUN Guide

Meet the Product Team 

Learn more about the newest members of the Product team and the experience they bring to ZED RUN Read the community blog.

Conditional Racing Schedule Announced

Conditional racing has arrived. If you’re as excited about the prospects of what it can bring to ZED RUN as we are, the blog is worth a read.

ZED RUN in the News 

Bullish on ZED RUN? You’re not alone. Josh and Melanie Rosenthal, Co-founders and partners at 6ixth Event and Narwhal Ventures, explained to The Business Journals why they’re so bullish on ZED RUN themselves.

Filled with ZED RUN good vibes, it’s a must-read. 

ZED Gazette Twitter Spaces 

ZED RUN Director of Product Facundo Carril and Co-founder Geoff Wellman appeared with ZED Gazette on Twitter Spaces on May 21 to chat about all things product. One not to miss.


At 12:01 am UTC on May 27 there was a snapshot taken of all NASCAR ZED PASS holders. Everyone that held a ZED PASS at the time of the snapshot will receive an exclusive NFT designed by the ZED RUN creative team in coordination with NASCAR. 

Product and UX Updates

  • Conditional tournaments debuted with the Pacer-only Fibonacci Cup on March 25. Read our Community Blog on Conditional Racing for full details of the schedule.
  • Trial racehorses are being tested to allow new stable owners access to a time-limited (one hour), an off-chain racehorse that simulates the core game experience.
  • Racing filters are being redeployed in phases to enable players to filter-free and paid races, plus any distance.
  • A socket fix has been released to remove gates from free races that are already taken
  • Racing event timeouts are planned for release early next week, to cancel long-standing races and refund all entrants.
  • Users will soon have the ability to sign-up for ZED RUN using social logins.

Register Your Interest: ZED RUN Europe Meet-Up

Calling all ZED Headz across Europe! A meet-up in Manchester, UK, is tentatively scheduled for July 9. Please register your interest using this form so the team can reserve ample space.

Mrs. Roid Rager on Roid Rager Racing

Running 5000 races at ZED RUN is an accomplishment in itself, but winning 5000 races and crossing the 30ETH lifetime profit milestones in the same week is just extraordinary next-level stuff. Those accomplishments are exactly what Mrs. Roid Rager and @roidragerracing recently pinned to their ZED RUN resume. 

“It may sound cliche, but a lot of my ZED RUN success comes down to hard work,” Mrs. Roid Rager says. “Lots of racing, researching, adapting to changes, and constantly learning has been key.” 

While her stable continues to achieve unprecedented success on the track, and off the track, Mrs.Roid Rager has found time to create community surveys and more recently launched her own ZED RUN YouTube Channel.

“The passion from the ZED RUN community is like nothing I have seen before,” Mrs. Roid Rager says. “I just want to do my part to help contribute to the growth and success of the entire ZED RUN family.” 

“ZED RUN is walking through doors that no one has stepped through before,” Mrs. Roid Rager says. “It’s like an unexplored maze – some turns have dead ends, whilst others show a path leading forward. What they are trying to achieve will be revolutionary and I am excited to see that moment when it comes.”

Lucky Maiden Returns 

After a successful inaugural event that featured 612 racehorses competing, the Lucky Maiden is back! The community-led event – run by longtime ZED Headz Zombie Racing and Lucky Jack – kicks off this Sunday and will feature a free-to-enter option. 

For full details visit Zombie Racing’s blog

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