Conditional Tournament Schedule

Conditional racing has arrived! 

This past week’s Pacer-only Fibonacci Cup marked the dawn of a new era; conditional racing events, and we couldn’t be more excited about what the addition means for the future of ZED RUN. 

Upcoming Conditional Races 

At launch, conditional tournaments will take place every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Starting off with two racing events the week of May 30:

Tuesday, May 31: Z268 Keep on Winning Cup

Wednesday, June 1: Cross-only Fibonacci Cup

At the outset, conditional tournaments will replace the standard daily tournament slate. In the future, the expectation is conditional racing will be layered into the standard tournament experience.

Full details on qualification requirements and prize pools are available in the ZED RUN Guide and are subject to change.

Tournament Racing Cycle

ZED Headz can expect a conditional racing schedule that cycles through both breed and genotype. 

These groupings aren’t fixed cycles and will likely change in the future, but for now, here are the upcoming conditional racing cycles:

Week beginning 23rd May Wednesday: Pacer-Only Fibonacci Cup

Week beginning 30th May Tuesday: Z268 Keep On Winning Cup 
Wednesday: Cross-Only Fibonacci Cup
Week beginning 6th June Tuesday: Z200-Z267 Keep On Winning Cup 
Wednesday: Elite-only Fibonacci Cup
Week beginning 13th June Tuesday: Z100-Z199 Keep On Winning Cup 
Wednesday: Exclusive-Only Fibonacci Cup
Week beginning 20th June Tuesday: Z11-Z99 Keep On Winning Cup 
Wednesday: Legendary-Only Fibonacci Cup
Week beginning 27th June Tuesday: Z1-Z10 Keep On Winning Cup 
Wednesday: Genesis-Only Fibonacci Cup

The Future of Conditional Racing

With the stage set for a month of conditional racing events, our LiveOps team has already set its sights on what’s next. 

“Our goal with conditional racing is to be able to tailor events to everyone,” LiveOps Lead Leonardo Valderrama says. “Regardless of the breed, bloodline, or genotype, every horse should have a way to take part in one of our tournaments.”

With so many combinations and possibilities, LiveOps certainly has no shortage of options at its disposal. The team has stressed they’re dedicated to listening to feedback from the community and taking note of what they enjoy most, but are already sorting ideas of what conditions could look like in the future.

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